Class Information

CPR/AED/First Aid Courses

The prompt and accurate execution of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED), and/or First Aid Skills in a medical emergency can drastically improve the patient's outcome. The St. Olaf EMTs have instructors certified to teach CPR, AED, and First Aid for any health professional or lay person from the Northfield or St. Olaf communities. The American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers course is offered for $30, a lower price than any other competitor within a 100 mile radius. CPR, AED, and First Aid courses will be offered 1-2 times per month during the school year. If you would like to request a course or have questions please contact the education coordinator at

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Course

An Emergency Medical Technician-Basic is a member of the Emergency Medical Response System. The EMT-B is trained to provide rapid in-field treatment and transportation to higher medical providers. After completion of the EMT-B course, the participant will be educated in basic life support (BLS) procedures. BLS entails monitering of the airway, breathing, and circulation.  The St. Olaf EMTs provide initial contact in medical situations and assistance in conjunction with Public Safety, Northfield Hospital EMS, and Queen of Peace Hospital.

If you are interested in enrolling in the EMT-B course or would like more information please contact the educational coordinators at  The schedule and price of the class will be made available once known.

If the EMT-B course offered at St. Olaf will not work for you, the Educational Coordinators can help you find local facilities that offer the classes you are looking for.  You can also try checking at your local community colleges for classes in your area. 
Click here for a list of Minnesota EMT-Basic Course offerings.

EMT-B Class

During the 2005-'06 school year, the St. Olaf Campus held an EMT-B class for St. Olaf Students.  This class prepared a multitude of St. Olaf students for the written and practical exams required to become an EMT-B.  Many of the students who took this class continued on to become active members of the SOEMTs.  Our group has skyrocketed from a dwindling four members in 2002-'03 to a record of over twenty members in 2006-'07.  If you are interested in becoming an EMT-B, please contact us for more information.