Our Mission

The St. Olaf Emergency Medical Technicians (SOEMTs) mission is to provide free and confidential volunteer first response medical service to the St. Olaf community.  The SOEMTs strive to assure that any member of the St. Olaf community in need of medical care or consultation receives attention.  The SOEMTs provide basic emergency response medical care until advanced care can be provided by a hospital or ambulance service, if needed.  The St. Olaf EMTs work to create a safe and aware environment for the St. Olaf community. 

The St. Olaf EMTs also try to increase awareness and recognition of medical emergencies by educating the public.  The SOEMTs have trained Red Cross instructors that provide CPR, AED, and First Aid training to the campus population.  The organization also works with outside sources to provide professional medical training for those interested in becoming part of EMS.