Frances Wolfe '13
Frances loves dancing!!!
Devin Orchard '13
Devin Orchard has had a passion for all things musical since his elementary school years. Originally a singer and percussionist, he began dancing at the age of 16, starting with ballroom dances like the Viennese Waltz, the English Waltz, and the Tango. After developing an affinity for jazz at St. Olaf College, he learned how to Lindy Hop in 2011. From there, he quickly moved on to include Balboa, Blues, and West Coast into his swing repertoire. Devin never gets tired of swing dancing, dedicating all of his spare time, energy, and money to it, traveling to Lindy Exchanges and lessons wherever he can find them. If you donít see him dancing, heís probably either reading some political philosophy or minding a net on a soccer field.
Katie Heilman '13
Katie started swing dancing during her first weeks as an Ole and has been just a little bit obsessed ever since. She loves a good swivel out on the dance floor, whether it is lindy or blues, and she'll do some Charleston with you if the music is over 200 bpm. She'll also throw in some crazy legs no matter what style she's dancing. When she's not shimmying it up in Dittmann or the Twin Cities, you can find her and her fedora analyzing some higher tertian chords in the music library with her fellow sleep-deprived music majors. If you ask really nicely, she'll even compose a jaunty tune for you.
Shane Allen '14

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Kelsey Gorman '13
Dancing has been Kelsey's favorite expression and creation of joy ever since she was three years old. While she's dabbled in everything from ballet to Bollywood, swing dancing caught her attention in a different kind of way and she's been hooked by the spontaneity of swing dancing since high school. A convert from East Coast, she loves Lindy as well as Charleston and solo jams. When she's not Lindy hopping she's probably doing hip hop or trying to figure out how to make the world a greener place. Kelsey is super excited to be at swing club and can't wait for the next Last Hurrah!
Isaac Behrens '14
Isaac loves the dance. You may find a huge smile on his face as he's Lindy Hopping, Contra Dancing, or shuffling through the few ballroom steps he knows. You may see him practicing blues by a campfire on the Superior Trail, or kicking the Charleston as he tries to keep warm on a rainy day in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Most likely you'll see him dancing around campus between homework for his Music and English majors. If you see him, ask for a dance, and he will most likely oblige with glee!
Kyla Smith '14
Kyla Smith is a legend of swing dancing, often referred to as the "great-aunt of swing dancing" (the mother of swing dancing had already been taken). Her dancing career began before birth, when she took grand champion in the ultrasound fetal solo dancing competition of 1990. Since then, she has acquired various other titles, including world swing dancing champion every year since 1998, and is credited with being the first person to swing dance on the moon. When asked about her future goals, Kyla responds that she plans to inspire the rest of the animal kingdom to join the swing dancing world. Her debut of swing dancing hamsters is slated for early 2013, but she won't share details on that yet. Keep your eye on Kyla Smith--her swing dancing future is brighter than her neon yellow dance shoes!
Kristina Hall '14
Little is known about Kristina, the elusive lindy-hopping crime-fighter, though sources confirm that she thinks swing is the bee's knees! She was first exposed to swing dance in 8th grade, and later rediscovered it at St. Olaf, where she majors in English and Spanish. When she's not dancing or dispensing vigilante justice, she also enjoys reading, drawing, writing, music-playing, and many other gerunds!