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Welcome to the official website for St. Olaf College's Taiko Drumming Group. This website's purpose is to serve as a collection of past performance video clips, images, future performances information, and member resources. If you have any issues with this website, please contact taikopr@stolaf.edu. If you have any general questions regarding our Taiko group, please contact our Co-Presidents at taiko@stolaf.edu.



Taiko-Inspired Phrases/Words
Become One of Us

  1. Sad bachi >< → Said while holding bachi at downwards angle. Expresses extreme sadness or a sense of defeat.
  2. Happy bachi! → Said with bachi pointed at upwards angle. Indicates extreme happiness or a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Eeeee---yaaaa----saaaaa! → Shouted at the top of one's lungs. Indicates a desire to play the song named "Omiyage". Also used for finding taiko comrades.
  4. 悪い枹だよ! [Warui bachi da yo!] → Bad Bachi! Said when bachi refuses to cooperate with player's mind.
  5. 太鼓が鳴り響く所では、法の声は聞えない. → When drums/taiko beat, laws are silent. Can be used as a joke, or a threat.
  6. 太鼓を完璧に打っている時は激しく打つ必要はない。 → If you're playing a perfect drum, you don't need to pound it. True fact.

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Performances on and off campus.

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