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South Africa
Interim, January, 2002
Religion and Culture in South Africa
       (with prof. Eric Lund
    People / Art / Wildlife    

Most of these photographs were taken in a township in the Western Cape or in Orange Farm, a large (350,000) township, or "informal settlement", including many shacks as well as well-kept houses, outside of Pretoria.  Unemployment and AIDS are widespread, and services few.  

Despite enormous difficulties, the children and many of the adults are hopeful and very resourceful.  Many sacrifice a great deal, including food, to pay the fees to attend school, which they value highly
. Their faces show their optimism and warmth.



In Philippi, near prosperous and beautiful Capetown, 70% are unemployed; the children are like children everywhere - curious, friendly and warm.

Petite Minstrel
This little minstrel was performing with what appeared to be a family of minstrels in a small port area.

African smile

A beautiful, unreserved smile often encountered in South Africa, despite the real difficulties (Orange Farm).

Olga Lutu and her daughter, Orange Farm

Olga is a couragous and effective woman who has organized about 500 women in the community to garden, counsel,  feed and help people living with AIDS and AIDS orphans.  In the week of our visit, four people on the block died from AIDS.  

Her organization, Women's Voice, also trains people to garden beyond subsistence levels and to acquire other marketable skills.  We were guests of Olga and her community.

  The Gang, Philippi township



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