1951 Ford F-2 for Sale
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The truck is shown on the right (the green one) below during Epiphany of 2001.  It is a 1951 Ford F-2 (3/4 ton) "Express" pickup.  Express is the model and bears no relationship to how fast it moves.  The truck next to it is a friend's 1949 Chevy 1-ton.  They like to talk about the old days together. Since this photo was taken, lights were added to the wreath which are wired to the headlight circuit.

The truck came off the assembly line on November 5, 1951, at the Ford plant in St. Paul.  It has the original drive train, brakes, suspension, interior, and body.  An original grill installed was by the previous owner who also repainted it. (The grill was missing when he bought it.)

I drive it year-round.  In the winter, it does need the engine heater to be plugged in.

Some Specifications:

Engine and Drivetrain
Ford model 7HA, 6 cylinder, 226 c.i.d., "flathead" (L-head, or side valve); only 95 hp but lots of torque; 4-speed non-synchronized transmission (indestructible but needs double-clutching); 4.86:1 rear end (good for pulling heavy loads but not for highway driving).
Brakes & Suspension
Four-wheel drum brakes, kingpins, and stock leaf springs on each wheel and solid front and rear axles make it ride like ... well ... a truck.
Tires & Wheels
6.50 x 16 (front) and 7.00 x 16 (rear) on 8-bolt, drop-center steel rims.
"Express" model with 8' wood-floored bed (stock) painted "Meadow Green," its original color.
Load capacity and GVW
Rated hauling capacity is a little less than 1,500# with the current tires. It has a gross weight of 5,700# which means it weighs over two tons empty! I have loaded the bed 12" deep with limestone and also with over two cubic yards of black dirt and the only effect is that the ride is a little smoother.
Work Done on the Truck:

For a list of what has been repaired and/or replaced, click here or click "Work Done" above.


Parts are easy to obtain.  Many parts are available new including water pumps, brake parts, and fuel pumps.  Other parts, like starters and carburetors, can be rebuilt. A surprising number of parts (tune-up parts, shocks, oil filters, etc.) are available at your local auto parts store.  Here are some of the parts people I have used.