Consortial Participation Policy

In recognition of the fact that no one library has the budget, space, and personnel to build a complete collection, the St. Olaf Libraries join in partnership with appropriate institutions across the United States and globally. Our primary partners are Carleton College, Minitex (the Minnesota agency with responsibility for interlibrary loan and joint database purchases) and the Oberlin Group (an organization of quality liberal arts colleges). Our association with these and other entities allows us to leverage our collection efforts in two ways: first, the coordinated cooperative purchasing through these organizations often brings us far lower prices, especially for electronic resources, than we could negotiate on our own; second, our cooperative engagement allows for comprehensive and efficient sharing of library materials. Because these cooperative arrangements allow us much wider access to materials than we could manage independently, they also entail our obligation to maintain an adequate collection responsive to the needs of our community, to build a strong collection in those areas of special interest and concern to the College, to maintain lending policies consonant with those of our cooperating agencies, and to maintain a reasonable balance between collecting, borrowing, and loaning materials.