Weeding Policy

Most materials are purchased with consideration of their long-term value to the collection. The value of a work, however, changes over time. While many works retain their value when considered against the whole of a subject or area of knowledge, some works will age and need to be replaced by newer treatments. The major criterion for deselection will be an evaluation of the continued relevance of an item for the curriculum. However, the same considerations involved in selecting an item for acquisition will be used in considering an item for withdrawal. In particular, we may choose to retain items that do not reflect current scholarship in a field or the current needs of the curriculum if the item is valuable in its own right. Whenever possible, weeding will be done as a collaborative effort between the liaison librarian and subject specialists from the relevant departments.

Weeding will be done as time permits, and should be scheduled to coincide with collection or curricular reviews on the one hand, and with sensitivity to workflow in other areas of the library affected by deselection decisions.