Flowchart: entry to the Gene Stream


There are at least three points of entry to the Gene Stream program.

1) Summer research. If this program interests you, contact one of the faculty members who are involved: Dr. Douglas Beussman (Chemistry), Dr. Eric S. Cole (Biology). Dr. Paul Roback (Math). It is possible to be hired on for a summer research internship.

2) Classroom research: a number of courses are designed with independent research activities as an integral part of their curriculum. Ask your professor about this. Some courses that may support "Gene Stream" bridging research projects include: Developmental Biology, Cell Physiology, Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics, Bio-Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry.

3) Independent Research and Independent Studies (IR & IS) courses. These can be arranged with participating faculty during the academic year. IR courses allow continued research within the laboratory for academic credit. IS courses allow one to engage in library scholarship that supports laboratory research for academic credit.


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