Gene Stream: Participants

  Here are some of the folks who've gotten on board with the Gene Stream project, both here at St. Olaf and collaborating from other institutions.  

St. Olaf Participants: Intercollegiate Participants:  

Eric Cole
Professor of Biology
St. Olaf College
Robert Rutherford
Assistant Professor of Biology

Jerry Honts
Associate Professor of Biology
Drake University

Jerry Honts' Website

Doug Beussman
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
St. Olaf College

Doug Beussman's Website

Daniel P. Romero
Professor of Pharmacology
University of Minnesota

Daniel Romero's Website

Emily Wiley
Assistant Professor of Biology
Claremont College

Emily Wiley's Website

Erica Zweifel
Research Associate

St. Olaf College

Doug Chalker
Assistant Professor of Biology
Washington University, St. Louis

Doug Chalker's Website


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