Gene Stream: Workshop


Workshop! Several of us in the ciliate molecular biology community are developing a workshop to be held in the summer of 2008, probably at the Darling Marine Center in Damariscotta, Maine. This workshop is open to all, and aims to help familiarize ciliate researchers with a number of tools and techniques that they may wish to add to their repertoire.

An overview of workshop activities includes:

  • cell husbandry (freezing/ thawing/ growth/ mating)
  • preparation for light and fluorescence microscopy
  • classical genetics and genetic tricks (uniparental cytogamy, genomic exclusion)
  • molecular genetics (GFP tagging and targeted antisense disruption).
  • genomics/ bio-informatics (homology searches/ tree building).

If you are interested in attending or leading a sub-workshop, please contact Eric S. Cole ( or Doug Chalker (


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