The Heath Creek Project

Our goal is to serve those who live along Heath Creek and to help us all better appreciate and more thoroughly enjoy the stream.

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About Our Project:

During May 2005, the members of Integrative Studies 210: Life: Meaning and Mystery conducted a series of experiments at Heath Creek near St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. We examined a number of characteristics, including the turbidity of the water, the levels of fecal coliform at various points along the creek's route, and the types of vertebrates, invertebrates, and wildflowers native to the Heath Creek area. The full results of our experiment can be accessed by clicking on the above links. We hope that our work serves to promote awareness about Heath Creek, and that future students will continue the project in order to expand knowledge about this stream.

The Members of Integrative Studies 210

St. Olaf College

May 2005

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