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Our goal is to serve those who live along Heath Creek and to help us all better appreciate and more thoroughly enjoy the stream.

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May 2, 2005:

* White Pelicans * Turkey Vultures * American Crow * Grackel * Great Blue Heron * Blue Winged Teal * Killdeer *

(These vertebrates were near Union Lake, no May 2 vertebrates were reported in Heath Creek Proper)

 May 9, 2005:

(Heath Creek Site Below St. Olaf)

* 1 Large striped chub- about 6 inches long * 1 small chub with a bright orange tail * 1 small striped chub *

Pictured below is a Great Blue Heron. The photo credit is to Marshall Iliff, and the photograph is originally located at the following website:





Crayfish:   Student photograph at Heath Creek


Orange-tailed Chub:   Student photograph at Heath Creek