St. Olaf College is fortunate to have an excellent Dive Instructor on its staff (John Campion). By day John works on Student Computing and as a Network Consultant for IIT. At night John offers a variety of classes leading to SCUBA certification.

John offers SCUBA instruction through the P.E. department. He is qualified to train divers for PADI Open Water certification (P.E. credit available), as well as advanced open water certification (AOW), rescue diver, divemaster, and a number of dive specialities. I consider myself incredibly fortunate in having John join me in my off campus interim offerings for Island Biology in the Bahamas, Equatorial Biology (Galapagos Islands) and most recently, Island Biology in the Polynesia. John offers SCUBA training and certification to those students who wish to add this dimension to their off-campus biology experience, and serves as a partner and safety consultant on these instructional adventures.

People interested in diving should contact John at 646-3550, or email:

John also organizes annual trips to the Apostle Islands, the North Shore of Lake Superior, and, for the more robust: ice-diving in the dead of winter.