Research Links

  Here are some links to sites related to my research:  

Collaborations to Date


Aufderheide, Karl J.

Texas A&M University

Bruns, Peter J.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Chalker, Doug

Washington University

Cupples, Claire

University of Victoria

Frankel, Joseph University of Iowa

Gaertig, Jacek

University of Georgia

Honts, Jerry

Drake University

Kirk, Karen

Lake Forest College

Romero, Daniel

University of Minnesota

Sanders, Mark

University of Minnesota

Smith, Joshua Missouri State University

Turkewitz, Aaron

University of Chicago

Wiley, Emily Claremont College

Williams, Norman

University of Iowa

Winey, Mark

University of Colorado

Yao, Meng-Chao

University of Washington

Other Resources


Protist Image Data

Protozoology Journal of Protists


Society of Protozoologists

Developmental Biology

Society for Developmental Biology

Institute for Genomic Research The Tetrahymena thermophila Genome Sequencing Project


Genome Database
Richard Allen's Image Collection University of Hawaii at Manoa
Tetrahymena Web links University of Alabama