Page Layout and Resizing Issues

This page shows an example of writing to a specific area of a web page.

This text is on the right. If something looks wrong here, that's because we haven't included a page anchor. See below.

Clearly, this is not satisfactory. However, before we get this fixed, consider how we get a graph in the main document in the first place. All that is different here from previous examples is that

  1. we have replaced the standard GRopengraphwindow() call with GRsetgraphwindow(), and

  2. the call to GRclosegraphdocument() is not used.

This is done at the end of the BODY section of the web page using the line:

<script language=javascript>dograph()</script>

This may or may not look right on your screen. Is the graph centered in the white box? If so, resize the page and check again. Notice a problem? The graph stays precisely where it is originally, even as the other elements of the page move around!

Here then is one of the truly problematic issues with divs: If the page can be resized, how does one indicate that the graph is to move with the rest of the elements of the page? To see how this is done properly, go to the next page.

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