Downloading Molecular Origami

Our FTP site is now only available via HTTP protocols (that is, using a browser).

If you want just a specific figure, and you have a Macintosh or you have the PC version of ORIGAMI.EXE already, you can access the ftp site for the figure library.

Downloading Molecular Origami for PC

Mac users: sorry Molecular Origami does not exist for the Mac.

If you already have molecular origami:
Download the latest .exe version.
You can copy this directly over your old origami.exe version.

Windows 3.1,9x users needing to get molecular origami for the first time: Download

First unzip, then type setup to begin.

Please note that ORIGAMI.EXE is written in Visual Basic 3.0 and therefore may not function perfectly under Windows 9x or later versions of Windows. Please let us know if you have problems so that we can address them.

First create a directory c:\origami and unzip into it. Then run c:\origami\origami.exe.

*If you need it, the program pkunzip is available on the St. Olaf site.
Other programs are also on the site. Feel free to look around:
The parent directory

The EPS figures site (requires ORIGAMI.INI)

The Windows program site