Hints to fold perfect structures

Cut out the structure without cutting off the outer lines

To ease folding, use a serrated tracing wheel to roll perforations into all the lines.

Turn the structure over to see that all the lines are perforated.

Before you use any glue or tape fold all the edges in the right direction. Once you start gluing not having to work in the folds will ease the stress on the completed faces.
Using a glue stick apply a thin layer of glue to the shaded region of one of the faces. Pinch it together from the back and hold until dry. (Should only take about ten seconds if a thin enough layer of glue is applied)

For extra strength add a small piece of tape to the top of the back.

Repeat until all the faces have been folded together.

Fold the faces together without using glue or tape, to see how it fits. If the folded back shaded regions are getting in the way, fold them back out of the way and glue them to the back of their face.

Tape adjoining edges one at a time until the all have been taped together. If the corners are still a little loose, add a touch of tape to make them tight.

At first you might want to start by making a few easy ones to get your style down... Then you can move on to folding more complicated ones. It's a whole lot of fun.

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