Making Your Team Effective

The team project is the major portion of your grade and is a great deal of work done under time pressure. You will need to be supremely organized to pull this one off. Below is some advice to help.

Some Team Dynamics Advice

Team work can make things easier or harder (or both). To make sure your team functions well, be sure to:

At your first meeting, establish:

For each assignment that is due, make

Project Logs

The secretary for your team should keep careful notes of time spent on the project. Individual notes help, but it will be the secretary's notes that constitute the record for the team. This record MUST be turned in as an appedix to each product.

Dealing with Team Problems

Do not seek to blame individuals if you are having problems with agreement or contribution in a team. Instead, spend your time asking how the probem can be solved.

Here are a few links with advice about working in teams:

Teams can fire an individual

I expect the following procedures will not need to be used by any team, but they are available just in case there are insurmountable problems.

Up until the data collection period ends, a team can choose to fire a member. The team must have documentation in terms of dated notes of specific behavior that is objectionable. The entire team must then meet with Prof. Huff to obtain permission. The member to be fired must be invited to this meeting, and the meeting must be set at a time that the member to be fired agrees they can make. This is one of the few times that Prof. Huff will agree to a meeting during chapel.

Upon firing, the team member must complete a project of their own or make other arrangement with Prof. Huff for credit associated with the STA project. The person being fired will not have their grade affected by the action. Their grade will be based on the quality of work in whatever replacement arrangement is made for the STA project.

A team member can transfer to another team

Up until the data collection period begins, a team member may quit one team and join another. They do not need the permission of the members of the team they are leaving, but the team they are joining must vote to include them. This must be done with the approval of Prof. Huff. Approval will depend on the specific circumstances and reasons for the transfer, and on the effect the transfer will have on the ability of the students in each team to do the project.

Rating Performance in the Team

At the end of the semester, you will together turn in a team evaluation. On the second day of class we will do an exercise that will help you think through how to evaluate your team's performance.