The Editorial Assignment

The last writing assignment will be writing a persuasive editorial about a moral issue. Your voice will be that of an expert in the area, and you will marshal both arguments and evidence to support your position. For help in becoming an expert on your area see our library guide.

Your editorial should be from 500 to 1,000 words in length and may contain one picture, figure, or table. You should include a separate paragraph of about 150 words that explains the rhetorical choices you made in your editorial.

You will be graded 70% on the clarity and persuasiveness of your editorial and 30% on your description of your rhetorical choices. For guidance on this, see the section in Rules for Writers on Argument.

Topic selection

A proposed headline and topic is due in class on November 16. You can, or course change this later, but I want you to get started soon.

Outline and revision

An outline of your argument is due in class on November 21. We will revise them in class.This does not need to be a formal outline, but should be enough so that class mates can ask you questions that will help you shape your argument. So, there neds to some argument in it, or lists of points, or series of analogies, or reasons for your conclusion, etc.

Working Draft

A working draft of your editorial is due in class on November 28. This means at least 50% of the text should be there, with indications of what will be in the rest. I will get feedback to you on your draft by the end of that week (Saturday Dec. 2).

Final version

The final draft of the editorial is due in class on Thursday, December 7. This is the last graded thing you will turn in.