The Poetry Assignment

We will write poetry together and critique each other's work. The point of this exercise is to learn how to read sentences closely for revision, and how to make selections among options for revision. Thus, we will be a critic of each other's poems and you will be required to respond to the critiques of your poem. These poems should in some way be a response to our reading this term or to your earlier assignment.

Draft poems

On November 2, 7, and 9 we will be reading each other's draft poems. You have been assigned one of these days. You will email three (3) short poems to the class 48 hours before the your allotted time. Other class members will bring hard copies of your poem that they have marked up for revision and comment.

Response to revision suggestions

One week after the last poem critique session, you will turn in a revision of your poems along with a short statement about why you made your revisions and chose not to incorporate some of the suggestions.

Poetry reading

During the final, we will have a poetry reading. You (or your selected representative) will read two of your poems for the class. These must be revised poems (no first drafts) based on some critique from others. They do not need to be the poems you turned in earlier in the term.