The Poster Project

Over the course of several lab periods, you will design a lab that could be done here in psych 130. The educational goal of the lab is to help you learn:

We also hope it will produce a set of possible new labs. Your lab may well be adopted by the department to be taught in future versions of this course.

The Course of the Poster Project
Date Lab Activities
Oct 27 / 28
Lit. Search Lab
Finding the literature; Chosing a Team and Topic
Nov 3 /4
Project Design Lab
General Goals and Structure of Lab
Dec 1 / 2
Pedagogy Lab
Detailed Goals, Design, & Logistics of Lab
Sunday Dec 5
3 PM at lab
Full Text of Poster Due
Dec 8 / 9
Poster Design Lab
Create a poster from corrected poster text
Saturday Dec 18; 9 - 11 AM
Poster Session

You can see there is lots to do, but also time and support set aside for you. Here are some things that may help: