Advanced Research Design

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Leong, F. T., & Austin, J. T.


The Psychology Research Handbook


Class Schedule

How class will work

Class will be a mixture of mini lectures (for the most confusing stuff), time for projects, and discussions. I have put together a blend of ways of learning that I hope will involve you (and make you work a great deal).


There will be a take-home, open resource final. These will be mostly problems in research that I will ask you to solve with the knowledge you have gained from the reading and the class exercises. The list of questions will be published one month ahead of the final date and will be taken from the readings and from the ongoing projects that you are doing.

Project Proposal

Each of you has chosen a research program to work within. I will ask you to propose a project for this class that will (1) help push forward the work in that research program and (2) help you learn something. Thus, it needs to be extensive enough to actually be of use to the research program. And this means you will need to commit enough time to it to make it extensive. For this reason, the reading load in this class is light, and homework is minimal (e.g. write daily questions, prepare for the final). I will negotiate an individual contract with each of you (or with teams if two folks are working on the same thing). The contract will involve deadlines, project planning, goals, the intended audience, the deliverable, and standards for grading.

Daily Questions

One any day for which there is a reading you will need to send 3 questions about the readings in email to me before 8 AM. I will simply grade these on a present/absent basis. Occasionally, you might use this as an opportunity to suggest a possible exam question. Since there are enough of them, for things to average out, no excuses, late questions, or extra credit will be allowed.


Proposal Items

Initial Proposal

10 %

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Update 2


Final Product

40 %
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