Interpretive Paper 1

The first paper will look at how close personal relationships are portrayed in the plays and will situate that explanation inside the larger literature of social psychology. Thus, it will draw on the first two books we read. You may use any of the three plays we have viewed as the target for your interpretation.

The first installment of paper 1 (due midnight, October 10) will be a core paragraph outline and should contain:

The entire paper should be done in APA style, with title page, abstract, body (outline and core paragraphs), references, and figures or tables, if relevant. Pay close attention to the grading rubric for the paper. I really do use it.

The final installment of paper 1 (due midnight November 4) will be a complete APA-style paper. The argument of your first installment will need to be modified to take into account the relevant parts of social psychological theory and research we cover in the second text. Pay close attention to the grading rubric for this paper. I will use it.

In planning for this paper, you should consult with me well before the first installment is due to determine how to shape your initial paper so that it will be easier to integrate the social psychology literature that we will only cover after you turn in your outline paper.

Here are some general guidelines for my approach to grading papers: