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M. Div. (1994) Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Religion, Gender and Culture/Women's Studies.
M.S. (1973) Simmons College, Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Boston, MA.
B.A. (1965) Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. Major: Political Science.


  • Courage to Teach Program, Hamline University Graduate School of Education, 2002-2004.
  • ACRL Institute for Information Literacy. Summer Immersion Program, Track II (Advanced), 1999.
  • Computers in Education, Leslie College, Graduate Division. Cambridge, MA., 1981-1983.


Assistant Professor, Library. St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN. 1996-present.
Lilly Teaching Fellow, 2003-2004
Coordinator of Library Instruction, 1999 - present.

  • Initiated and coordinated transition from bibliographic instruction to information literacy program.
  • Authored and implemented St. Olaf College's Information Literacy Action Plan. March 2000.

Reference and Instruction Librarian, 1996 - present.

  • Provided research instruction to students, faculty, and staff in classes, at the reference desk and with individual research appointments.
  • Taught course-integrated research instruction to Social Science, Romance Languages, Psychology, and Women's Studies courses.
  • Facilitated library collection development as liaison to above departments.
  • Collaborated in joint curriculum development with Psychology, Political Science, Social Work and Women's Studies faculty.
  • Participated in departmental self-studies for Psychology, Political Science, Social Work, and Sociology faculties.
  • Initiated faculty workshops on electronic resources, research strategies, and information literacy.
  • Supervise students in independent studies on advanced children's literature and eco-theology.
  • Participated in self-studies for Psychology, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, and Education departments.

Director, Prairie Creek Community School, Northfield, MN. 1994-1996.

  • Directed, developed, implemented, and assessed progressive school's programs, services, policies and staffing.
  • Implemented strategic long-range planning on curriculum, staffing, development, and facilities.
  • Managed operating/capital budgets, development and financial aid programs, and long-range projections.
  • Fostered collaborative relationships and community building with variety of educational constituencies.

Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA. 1985-1993.

Consultant, Pilot Project on Peer Supervision and Teaching/Learning Styles, 1992-1993.

  • Initiated, designed, and implemented faculty peer supervision professional development program for master teachers.
  • Mentored, observed, and evaluated faculty in classroom settings.

Library Director, 1985-1992.

  • Administered library policies, programs, personnel, budget, and resources.
  • Established bibliographic instruction program incorporating use of electronic databases.
  • Chaired Instruction Technology Committee, implementing innovative use of computers.
  • Served on Educational Policy, Women's Studies, Multicultural Steering, and College Counseling Committees.

Library Director, Newton Country Day School, Newton, MA. 1981-1985.

  • Organized and administered all library, audiovisual and computer resources and programs.
  • Implemented computer program and curriculum and established nation-wide educational computer consortium.
  • Collaborated with faculty on innovative teaching and learning styles program and research skills curriculum development.

Library Consultant, Singapore Ministry of Education & National Library. 1976-1980.

  • Established/upgraded school libraries and trained teacher-librarians.
  • Initiated and taught University of Singapore course on "Children's Literature and Non-Print Resources."

Librarian & Teacher, Independent Schools in the United States and Asia. 1965-1976.



  • Genesis Award for "Creative Social Work Leadership in the Global Community." Given by the St. Olaf College Social Work Department, May 2004.
  • Lilly Teaching Fellowship at St. Olaf College, Academic Year 2003-2004.
  • Nominated by the St. Olaf Psychology Department for the ACRL/EBSS Distinguished Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian Award, December 2003.
  • "Assessing Student-Learning Outcomes." One of 23 librarians selected nationally to be part of an ACRL project funded by Institute for Museum and Library Services to focus on ways to assess student-learning outcomes in information literacy programs. Involved close collaboration with disciplinary faculty, 2001-2002.
  • JSTOR Campus Development Grant to integrate use of full-text resources into political science curriculum and enhance department's focus on scholarly research and critical thinking skills, 2001-2002.
  • "Web Pedagogy & Electronic Portfolio Assessment." Grant-funded seminar supported by Mellon Foundation. Member, Summer 2001.
  • "Integrating Technology into Teacher Education." Project funded by a St. Olaf College Teaching and Curriculum Development Grant (TCD). Team Member, Summer, 2001.
  • "A New Model for Teaching Research Methods in Psychology" funded by TCD grant. Team Member, Summer, 1999.
  • "Teaching about Interpersonal Violence in Nursing & Social Work Courses," funded by TCD grant. Team Member, Summer, 1998.
  • Curriculum Development Grant to design Experimental Psychology Course, funded by National Science Foundation. Team Member, 1996-1999.
  • St. Olaf College Mentoring Program with Spanish Department in Ecuador, January 1999.
  • Harvard University Grant for theological study, 1990-1993.
  • Charles E. Culpepper Professional Development Grant to study 'The Genealogy of Race, Sex, and Class Oppression," 1990.
  • Travel Grant to participate in the National Outdoor Leadership School's Wilderness Skills Course in Alaska, funded by Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School (BB&N) Professional Development Grant, 1988.
  • "Creating an Oral History Program," funded by BB&N Curriculum Development Grant, 1987.
  • Library Policy and Procedures Manual, funded by BB&N Professional Development Grant, 1986.
  • "Creating a Nationwide Computer Curriculum for Network K-12 schools," funded by Network of Sacred Heart Schools Curriculum Development Grant, 1983.
  • "Creating a Developmental Research Curriculum," funded by Network of Sacred Heart Schools Curriculum Development Grant, 1982.



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  • "Changing Landscapes, Enduring Values: Making the Transition from Bibliographic Instruction to Information Literacy." Co-authored with Barbara Fister and Kris Huber MacPherson. In Patricia Durisin (Ed.), Information Literacy Program: Successes and Challenges (pp.3-19). Binghamton, NY: Haworth Information Press, 2002. Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Library Administration 36/1-2, 2002.
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  • "The School Librarian: Caretaker, Colleague, Catalyst." Independent School. (Winter 1987).
  • Library Policy and Procedures Manual. Granted-supported publication used as a prototype by Independent Schools. 1986.
  • A Storyteller's Guide to Asian Folktales. Singapore: National Library of Singapore. 1979. (Funded by UNESCO).



  • "Another Set of Eyes: Peer Coaching Encourages to Innovative Teaching." National LOEX Library Instruction Conference, May 2004. Ypsilanti, Michigan. Invited workshop presentation with Pam Kessinger.
  • "Preparing our Students for College-Level Research." Independent School Media Association of MN. 15 January 2004. Panel presentation.
  • "My Senior Is Your First Year Student." American Association of School Librarians. National Conference. October 2003. Panel Presentation.
  • "Another Set of Eyes: Peer Mentoring Can Be Fun!" Minnesota Oberlin Group: Reference & Instruction Section Workshop. 3 December 2003.
  • ACM Workshop on Information Fluency/Literacy: 3 poster sessions on "Political Science/Library Partnership: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy" with Sheri Breen; "Information Literacy and Psychology at St. Olaf College: Over Two Decades of Collaborative Design, Teaching and Dissemination." with Kris MacPherson; & "Assessing an Information Literacy Assignment in Introductory Psychology" with Bonnie. S. Sherman. October 2003.
  • "Gateway to Information Literacy: The Online Catalog is Not Just for Access Anymore." Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference. 25 September 2003. Paper with Susanne Nevin and Melissa Kalpin Prescott.
  • "Weaving Information Literacy into an Introductory Psychology Course." Co-Presenter with Bonnie S. Sherman. ACM Conference on "Curricular Design with Information Literacy in Psychology," 2 August 2003
  • "Teaching as a Live Encounter: Sharing Our Authentic Self Invites Student Learning." National LOEX Library Instruction Conference, May 2003: Madison, WI. Invited paper.
  • "Curricular Design with Information Literacy in Psychology." ACM Conference held at St. Olaf College, July 31-August 2, 2003. Joint Coordinator and Steering Committee Member.
  • "Web-Based Portfolios and Intellectual Development in Liberal Arts Education." St. Olaf College, November 2002. A conference of invited educators from around the country gathered to discuss "Making the Most of the Medium: How the Nature of the Web Contributes to Intellectual Development." Funded by a Mellon Grant. Invited participant.
  • "Poised to Assess: An Information Literacy Assessment Planning Process." Mountain Plains Library Association Tri-Conference (Fargo, ND). October 2002. Invited paper with Rise Smith.
  • "A Planning Process for Information Literacy Assessment." Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference, September 2002. Invited paper with Rise Smith.
  • "Information Literacy in the Social Sciences." ACM-funded conference at Lawrence University, WI, August 2002. Invited participant.
  • "From Bibliographic Instruction to Information Literacy at St. Olaf College." Library Professional Development Retreats, with Tom Kirk & Jean Donham, March 14-15, 2002. Coordinator.
  • "Academic Integrity: Technological Change and Intellectual Property." Symposium jointly sponsored by Carleton, Macalester, and St. Olaf Colleges under Associated Colleges of the Midwest grant, April 2002. Steering Committee Member.
  • "A Day in My Life - Voice of an American Woman: The Research Essay in Introduction to Women's Studies." National Women's Studies Association Conference, June 2001. Presenter with Mary Titus (English) and Heidi Vardemann (Religion).
  • "From BI to IL: The Paths of Two Liberal Arts Colleges." ACRL National Conference, March 2001. Presenter with Barbara Fister and Kris Huber MacPherson.
  • "The Evolution of a Twenty Year Collaboration." Associated Colleges of the Midwest Information Literacy Conference, March 2001. Invited panelist with Kris MacPherson (Library), Chuck Huff and Bonnie S. Sherman (Psychology).
  • "Information Literacy and Psychological Science: A Case Study of Collaboration." Powerful Learning, Powerful Partnerships: Educating the University Community in a Dynamic Information Environment. University of Iowa, October 1999. Invited presenter with Bonnie S. Sherman.
  • Interdisciplinary and General Studies Forums. St. Olaf College, 1998-1999. Coordinator.
  • "Bibliographic Instruction: An Opportunity for Collaborative Pedagogy." Associated Colleges of the Midwest Bibliographic Instruction Conference, St. Olaf College, October 1998. Conference Coordinator.
  • "Partners in Learning: When BI and Course Content Go Hand in Hand." Associated Colleges of the Midwest Bibliographic Instruction Conference, October 1998. Panelist with Mary Carlsen (Social Work) and Bonnie S. Sherman (Psychology).
  • "Finding and Evaluating Quality Internet Sites." St. Olaf College Academic Computing Center, Summer Institute for Classroom Instructional Technologies, June 1998. Presenter with Mary Sue Lovett.




  • Committee on the Status of Women, 2000 - present.
  • Faculty Development Committee, 1999 - present.
  • Special Studies Subcommittee of Curriculum and Education Policy Committee, 1999 - present.
  • College Judiciary Committee, 1998 - 1999.
  • Women's Studies Committee, 1997 - present.
  • Advisor, Gender Awareness Consortium, 2000 - 2001.
  • Advisor, Women's Resource Center, 1997- 2000.
  • Scholar's Day Interviewer.


  • Web Development Committee, 1999 - present.
  • Collection Development Committee, 1997 - present.
  • Continuing Education & Technology Committees, 1998 - 2000.
  • Various search committees, 1997 - present.



  • American Library Association, 1982 - present.
  • ACRL Instruction Section, Teaching Methods Subcommittee. Virtual Member, 2000-2001.
  • ACRL Division: Instruction, College Libraries, and Women's Studies Sections; Library Instruction Roundtable.
  • Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM). Information Literacy Planning Committee, 2000 - present.
  • Minnesota Library Association, 1996 - present.
  • Founder & President, Cooperative Library Association Catalog Consortium: New England Automation Project, 1989-1992.
  • Consultant, St. Stephen's School (Rome, Italy), Tilton School (NH), Spence School (NYC) & Prairie School (WI), 1985-88.
  • President, Boston Independent School Film Cooperative. 1985-1988.
  • Steering Committee Member, New England Teachers Conference. 1986-1990.
  • Member of Evaluation Teams, New England Association of Schools & Colleges. 1985-1990.
  • Founder, Cooperative Library Association (New England), 1972-1973 and 1981-1993.
  • Beta Phi Mu. (National Library Science Honor Society). 1973-present.



  • WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support), Grant Committee Member, 2001 - 2002.
  • Community Advisory Committee On Learning (CACL). Northfield, MN. Member, 2000-2001.
  • CHAIN: Caring for HIV/AIDS in Northfield. Member, 1996 -2001.
  • WomanSafe Center, Faribault, MN. Support Group Facilitator, 1997-1998.
  • Boston Living Center. Pastoral Counselor, 1993-1994.



  • Foreign Languages: Spanish and French (Intermediate spoken and written). Have studied Latin, Arabic, Cantonese, and Malay.
  • Active participation in choral music groups.
  • Keen interest and experience in wilderness canoeing, kayaking, and camping.
  • Extensive travel in USA, England, Asia, and Latin America.


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