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Chemistry 119 - January 2005
A Matter of the Environment
Welcome to the home page for Chemistry 119 at St. Olaf College. This course focuses on learning about the positive and negative contributions of chemistry to study of the environment. The contents of the course emphasize becoming an educated citizen and developing some basic knowledge of chemistry.  This offering will be somewhat different than those of years past as we will be focusing on the environmental impacts of building and building materials.

This web site is intended as a supplement to the printed material, course handouts, classroom, and laboratory experiences. Please use it as a reference. Announcements will be posted on this page as they apply to the ongoing efforts of the class.

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Welcome back to campus! This year's text will be "Chemistry in Context," 4th Edition, by The American Chemical Society. You can purchase this text via the St. Olaf College Bookstore or other booksellers. Additional materials that you will need for this class/lab are listed on the syllabus page.

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