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Chemistry 119 - January 2005
A Matter of the Environment
This page contains numerous resources that may be useful during the term.  Please feel free to use this page whenever you wish; explore the sites for information.

On-line Resources:

Chemistry in Context OnLine Learning Center

Our Stolen Future Website


On-Line Periodic Table

American Chemical Society

Answers to naming inorganic compounds

Electron Domains and Molecular Shapes

Local Links

Cannon River Watershed Partnership

City of Northfield

Rice County

Sheldahl Environment Commentary

MN Government Web Links

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Minnesota Department of Health

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Land Management Information Center

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

MPCA Environmental Newsletter (published twice monthly)

Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge (SEEK)

University of Minnesota Extension Service

Environmental Groups - MN

Boundary Waters Wilderness Foundation

Citizens for a Better Environment - MN

Izaak-Walton League - MN

Land Stewardship Project

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

Minnesota Conservation Federation

Minnesota Environmental Fund

Minnesota Ground Water Association

Minnesotans for Energy-Efficient Economy's

Parks &Trails Council of Minnesota

Voyageurs Region National Park Association

Wilderness Inquiry

Woods Hole Research Center

US Government Web Links

NASA's Earth Observatory

NASA's Ozone TOMS Data

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA Climate Prediction Center- Stratospheric Information

U.S.D.A. Forest Service

Smithsonian Institution's Education Page

U.S. Department of Agriculture National Resources Conservation

U. S. Department of Energy

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

United States Geological Survey

U. S. National Park Service

Environmental Groups/Others - US

Discover Magazine and the Discovery Channel

Environmental/Animal Search Engine

Federation of USA non-profit environmental & conservation organizations

Environmental Working Group

National Audubon Society

National Geographic Website

The Nature Conservancy

Sierra Club

The Trust for Public Land

World Meteorological Organization


Beginner1s Guide to Understanding the Kyoto Protocol

Environment Australia

Environmental Agency for the United Kingdom

Environment Canada's Green Lane

Environmental Department for China

European Union stance on protocols

German site on solar energy


Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change

Japan's Site on Air Pollution

New Zealand Ministry for the Environment

Sweden's Environmental site

United Nations Homepage

United Nations Environmental Programs

UN Montreal Protocol site

General Environmental Links

Environmental News Network

Living Machines Website

US EPA Kyoto Protocol site

Wright Environmental - Compost Making

ENERGY - Links & Tours

Xcel Energy Nuclear Power Plant Virtual Tours


Communication Acitivity #1

Communication Acitivity #2

Communication Acitivity #3

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