Exams and Quizzes
Chemistry 124 - January 2006
A Matter of the Environment

Class Examinations
Each examination is announced in the class and lab calendar. They are taken under the honor system, and a pledge is provided with each. Typically the exams will be a blend of material from all of the course activities for that exam period.  For example, an exam can be composed of problems adapted from those assigned in the textbook, original problems that have not been covered in the book per se, and interpretation of current lab results according to the material being studied in the classroom.

Examinations will not be made up if missed, unless due to circumstances beyond your control.  If problems arise due to circumstances beyond your control, you must contact me prior to the exam.  You can call my office, or home.  If neither of those work, please contact the Department office at x3104 or the Dean of Students office at x3615.

Final Examination
The final examination will be a set of problems in which a majority will be taken directly from your book, from the problem sets that you have been doing, and from the laboratory. These will be edited to fit into a two hour time frame. Some of the numerical values may be changed, but the problems will reflect what you have been working on all semester. The exam will be taken individually, under the St. Olaf honor system.

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