Exams and Quizzes
Chemistry 255 - Fall 2004
Analytical Chemistry 

Class Examinations

Each examination is announced in the class and lab calendar and will be completed individually. These will be timed at 90 minutes, taken under the honor system, and usually contain between 6 and 8 problems. Essay questions are typically not put on Class Examinations. For example, an exam can be composed of a maximum of four problems adapted from those assigned in the textbook, one original problem that has not been covered in the book per se, one task on interpretation of current lab results according to the material being studied in class, and one spreadsheet specifically assigned in the class calendar.

In making up an exam, I estimate the time per problem or activity to be between ten and fifteen minutes, according to the complexity of the task, and assign the actual number of activities to fit within the 90 minute period, with some time for composure and checking.  If a spreadsheet is on the exam, it will be complete and require mainly interpretation, not preparation or manipulation.

Examinations will not be made up if missed, unless due to circumstances beyond your control.  If problems arise due to circumstances beyond your control, you must contact me prior to the exam.  You can call my office, home or e-mail me.  If neither of those work, please contact the Department office at x3104 or as a last resort, the Dean of Students office.

This semester you may use a programmable calculator (e.g. TI-89) on the examinations. Equations and formulas may be programmed into the calculator before the exam, and used during the exam, without violating the honor code. Programs may be shared before the exam, but not during it. Other calculators are not prohibited, but they are not recommended.

Class Quizzes
There will be four quizzes given at critical times during the semester as scheduled in the calendar. These are 20 minutes long, and will be based on assigned text reading. Little original thought will be required to satisfactorily master a quiz. They will closely reflect the assigned reading. They are intended to bridge the time between exams, and to reward those who keep up with their reading on a regular basis.

Final Examination
The final examination will be an individual examination, taken under the St. Olaf Honor System, and consist of questions related to both the class and laboratory, with a particular emphasis on the latter. Many of the questions will be based on (or actually taken from) the Management Interviews. If a Management Interview indicates the need for better technical understanding of the lab work or results, or some other basic problem, then it is more likely that such material will appear on the lab exam than if there is a complete understanding of all that was done, and why it produced the results it did. It will be Manager's responsibility to make sure during the semester, and not just before the final exam, that everyone in the Company knows what was discussed during these interviews, since that is the only effective way to prepare for this examination. Programmable, and pre-programmed calculators, such as the TI-89, may be used on the final examination. Our final exam time, as published in the current class and lab schedule, is slated for Monday, December 20, 2004 at 2:30 p.m.

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