Role-Playing Alumni Survey Results

In January 1999, St. Olaf alumni having participated in the role-playing analytical chemistry class/lab between 1987 and 1997 were surveyed.


To download a MS WORD file of the survey please click on the appropriate item listed below. The survey can be opened and read using MS Word 7.0 or higher (PC), MS Word 6.0 or higher (Mac).

1999 Role-Playing Alumni Survey

To download and read the tab delimited file containing the survey results perform the following: 1) click on the hyperlink, 2) In your Browser select "Save As", 3) Save the file to your local disk as a text file, 4) Close the Browser, 5) Launch MS EXCEL, 6) Open file as a tab delimited format and process to make it readable. My initial suggestions to get you started would be to include text wrapping in all cells below row 4, increase the column width to 35 for columns 4-9, and increase the row height (autofit). Continue formatting until you feel comfortable with the data display.

RESULTS 1999 Role-Playing Alumni Survey

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