Ole Olson Smedstad Obituary (including all typographical errors), reported in The Glenwood Herald, November 17, 1899

Life's Journey Ended.

At his home in the town of Barsness on last Friday, Ole Olson Smedstad's long continued sickness was ended in the peaceful and abiding slumber of death. For more than a year the deceased has been under the care of physicians, but not until a couple of months ago were the hopes for his ultimate recovery, on part of himself and family, wholly abandoned. A complication of diseases seemed to combine in the termination of the earthly existence of this industrious, honorable and esteemed citizen and neighbor. At first his malady appeared in the form of rheumatism, it then developed into disease of the kidneys and later he became stricken with an ailment of the brain which for many weeks prostrated his mental, physical and vocal faculties. Only at intervals were he able to recognize those around him and to answer their questions.

Mr. Smedstad was only fifty-six years old, and was one of the early settlers of this county. A widow, three sons and three daughters, for whom during his lifetime he accumulated a comfortable home and competence, remain to cherish the memory of an indulgent husband and father. By his neighbors and friends he will long be missed in their councils and social gatherings. At the Starbuck church on last Tuesday afternoon, his dear relatives, neighbors and friends were afforded a last look upon his pallid and emaciated remains and to listen to an excellent funeral sermon by Rev. Koefod. In Fron's cemetery now rests from all earthly care the mortal dust of this honorable, industrious and hospitable man.

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