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This Webpage is concerned with the Sgaw Karen of Northern Thailand located in Mae Chaem district of Chiang Mai Province in the area the Karen people call Mu Si Khee (the location of the headwaters of the Mu Si River--what the Thais call the Mae Chaem River). The webpage has six major parts:


1. St. Olaf Interim Course.

2. Karen Ethnography: A Student-Written Ethnographic Report (1999)

3. Karen Weblinks

4. Karen Museum: A Web Museum of Artifacts

5. Film: The Karen of Tee Mae Ker Lah: Rabbits in the Mouth of the Crocodile

6. Karen Bibliography: Annotated Books and Professional Articles written about the Thai Karen


...Karen Film

...Karen Ethnography

...Karen Museum

...Karen Bibliography

...Karen Weblinks

..Interim Course

...Thai Weblinks

...Southeast Asian Seminar

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