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Michael R. Leming, Ph. D.
Professor of Sociology


Michael Leming earned his B. A. degree from Westmont College, M. A. from Marquette University, and Ph.D. from the University of Utah and took additional graduate courses at the University of California (Santa Barbara). Dr. Leming is the founder and former director of the St. Olaf College Social Research Center, former member of the board of directors of the Minnesota Coalition on Terminal Care, steering committee member of the Northfield AIDS Response, and serves as hospice educator, volunteer, and grief counselor.

In 1996 Mike lived in Thailand where he was a Visiting Professor of Sociology at Chiang Mai University. Having authored twelve books on social thanatology as well as family issues, Mike is presently working on a book based upon ethnographic work in a Karen village in northern Thailand.

Classes that I am Teaching:

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Death & Dying

TTh 8:00 - 9:25

90-260 A & B

Marriage and the Family

MWF 9:05 and 10:45

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