Sociology 265 - Religion, Culture and Society

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11:45 Tuesday - Thursday
Michael R. Leming, Professor
Spring 1999

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I. Introduction to Course:

As a level two course, this course in the sociology of religion is based on the assumption that members of this class are very familiar with the sociological perspective. Consequently, the instructor will assume that every member of the class will have taken a sociology course. (If this is not the case, please consult the professor regarding appropriate supplementary reading.)

II. Purposes of the Course:

  1. To introduce students to the sociological perspective as it applies to the understanding of religious phenomena.
  2. To present various sociological theories regarding religious belief and value systems, religious attitudes, religious practices and behavior, and religious movements.
  3. To present the relationship between religious organizations and the other social institutions found in contemporary American society.
  4. To familiarize students with the results of empirical research of social scientists who study religious phenomena.

The Classroom:

The class will consist of discussions, lectures, and tests. Your attendance is requested at the times the class meets. Attendance will be taken and grades will be lowered one letter grade for each absence above three (eg., If you earned an A in the course and were absent 4 times, you would receive an A-.).

This class, unlike a level one course, will be taught as a seminar. Each class session will be devoted to the discussion of assigned reading and student papers. Ideas, comments, questions, and disagreements are welcomed in class, during lectures, and in discussions. Student participation in class is expected and therefore will be evaluated.

Grading and Student Evaluation:

Each student will write two short term papers on approved topics dealing with religious phenomena. The papers will not exceed seven pages and not be shorter than five pages in length. All papers will be double-spaced and typed on a computer and in the American Sociological Review footnoting format. Each paper will be preceded by a 50-100 word typed abstract (typed on a separate sheet of paper). These abstracts will serve as a basis for class discussion. Each paper will be worth 100 points.

The final grade for the course will be also influenced by three exam scores. The examinations will be worth 100 points each. Since this class is a seminar, your presence and active participation is very important and therefore will also have an effect upon your grade. The instructor will evaluate the quality of the student's participation using 100 points as a maximum. The final grade will be assigned in the following manner:


	Papers                    200 Points
	Mid-Term Exam             200 Points
	Discussion                100 Points
	Final Exam                100 Points

        TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE                   600 POINTS


A = 91%  A-= 90%  B+= 89%  B = 81%  B-= 80%  C+= 79%     
C = 71%  C-= 70%  D+= 69%  D = 61%  D-= 60%  F = 59% 


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