Website Links for Sociology 265 Sociology of Religion

General Academic Resources on Religion

  1. The homepage of the American Academy of Religion.
  2. The homepage of the American Sociological Association.
  3. The homepage of the American Anthropological Association.
  4. The homepage of the American Psychological Association.
  5. Psychology links to Religion Sites including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.
  6. Links to Religion on the World Wide Web for the University of Virginia.
  7. World Wide Web Links: Religion Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.
  8. Internet Resources for the Study of Religion.

Sociological Resources on Religion

  1. Allyn and Bacon links to the Sociology of Religion (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.)
  2. Mysticism in World Religions is a website that presents the mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. It allows one to compare and contrast these six religions or one can go to a religion's particular index.
  3. American Sociological Association Section on the Sociology of Religion.
  4. Sociologists - Dead and Very Much Alive. This website provides links to works by and information about a wide range of sociologists including: Berger, Blau, Bourdieu, Dahrendorf, Giddens, Goffman, Habermas, Parsons, Weber and Willis. Site maintained by Albert Benschop of the Sociological Institute, University of Amsterdam.
  5. Dead Sociologists' Home Page. Despite the rather brutal title, this page has the potential to be quite useful as it aims to offer information about a wide range of sociologists including: Jane Addams, Comte, DuBois, Durkheim, Goffman, Harriet Martineau, Marx, C. Wright Mills, Mead, Park, Pareto, Parsons, Schutz, Simmel and Weber. Little there at present though, as the site is still under construction. Maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Superior Sociology/Anthropology Progam.
  6. A comprehensive page of links devoted to the works of Marx and Engels.
  7. The Durkheim Pagers, a fascinating homepage about one of sociology's founding fathers produced jointly by the University of Illinois and the British Center for Durkheimian Studies at Oxford University.
  8. Comparative Resources on Religion
  9. The ultimate Jewish/Israel link launcher with 6000 world wide web links.
  10. The website of The Catholic Information Network.
  11. The homepage of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
  12. World Wide Web Islamic Page with links to Islamic sites.
  13. The home page of The Journal of Buddhist-Christian Studies.
  14. Shona Religion and Beliefs an article about an African tribal religion.
  15. Religion and Spirituality

Resources on New Religious Movements

  1. Hexham's sources for the study of cults, sects, and new religions.
  2. -Bibliography on New Religious Movements.
  3. Website dedicated to the topic of Voodoo and death.
  4. Reincarnation International Homepage, a website that puts soul into your life; from the publishers of the only magazine in the world devoted to the exploration of reincarnation and its implications.
  5. Website concerning thoughts about Reincarnation and alternative forms of spirituality.
  6. New Religious Movements Profiles: The following list of group profiles were developed with the assistance of the students at the University of Virginia in the New Religious Movements class in 1995. Each student chose to create a religious movement profile has made a unique and valuable contribution. The name of the student who created a particular page will appear at the bottom of that page. Each profile below will consist of 3 sections: orientational group summary information, a list of links to web sites containing further useful information, and a bibliography of print resources. Groups are listed alphabetically.

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