Religion 262 Interim 2015

Catholic Rome, Lutheran Wittenberg

The Neighborhoods of Central Rome
The Historic Center of Wittenberg

Two Weeks in Italy: Rome and Florence

In our first week, we will study why Rome became an important Christian center, starting in the days of the  Roman  Empire, and will consider what made Christianity different from rival forms of ancient religiosity.  We will explore the Roman Forum and other ancient  sites and monuments, visit  museums, and consider what church styles can tell us about the evolution of  religious life.  We will also highlight some distinctive features of  Roman Catholicism as it continued to develop during the Middle Ages. 
From the first to the fourth century, Christianity went from being a foreign, persecuted religion to being tolerated under Constantine and finally to being the favored religion of the Roman Empire at the end of the fourth century.
Emperor Nero
St Sebastian (Martyr)
Emperor Constantine
We will trace the development of the spiritual and political power of the Papacy
Pope Innocent III
Pope Julius II
Pope Leo X (Medici)
We will trace the development of Catholic piety and correlate it with changes in the styles of church buildings:
San Clemente
San Giorgio Velabro
St Maria sopra Minerva
S. Andrea della Valle
La Maddelena
We will spend time in the Vatican area - to attend a papal high mass, to explore St. Peter's basilica, to visit the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel and the excavations under St. Peters (the Scavi).
Papal Mass on Epiphany January 6
Pope Francis I
Michelangelo's Pieta
Sistine Chapel Ceiling
We will be living at the centrally-located Hotel Adriano, attending classes in a palace in nearby Piazza Navona and enjoying marvelous restaurants and daily gelato (Italian ice cream).
Our Hotel
Piazza Navona
Primo Piatto
Giolitti Gelato
Usually there will be a morning excursion, an early afternoon class and then, if you wish, an additional optional activity to see things such as the following: Caravaggio paintings, fountains (Trevi), Capuchin bone crypt, soccer game
We will complete our overview of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance by visiting the small hill town of Orvieto in Umbria and the premier art-city Florence in Tuscany.

Last Two Weeks: Travels in Eastern Germany

We will fly from Florence to Berlin and then settle into our new base in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. We will be studying the Reformation movement launched by Martin Luther through classes and tours in Wittenberg and, on alternate days, major excursions to other places of importance throughout the region. We will be living at the Leucorea, the renovated buildings of the old university. We will have an affiliation with the Institute for German Language and Culture.

Martin Luther
Wife: Katharina
Frederick the Wise
The places we will travel to by train or bus are in several German states: Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen, Thuringen, and Brandenburg/Berlin
After our stay in Wittenberg, we will relocate in Erfurt where Luther attended university and joined a monastery
We will visit the Wartburg Castle where Luther hid after being excommunicated, Eisenach where both he and J.S. Bach attended school (in different centuries) and Eisleben, the town where Luther was born.
We will also study two modern crisis periods in Germany: the Nazi and Communist eras - to bring the story of East Germany up to date. We will visit the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar and study church life in the DDR primarily in Leipzig and Berlin
At the very end, we will spend a few days in Berlin to do some cultural touring and to increase our exposure to 20th century and contemporary Germany. Most of your work will be done so you will have some free time to explore the capital city.

In addition to visiting many historical interesting places, there will be some opportunities to meet local people, such as the Sant' Egidio lay community in Rome and students at the local gymnasium (high school) in Wittenberg. And, of course, you get to know the group of 24 students of which you are apart.

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Paolo Francesca
Stefanie Katje StudentHundert
AdrianoStaff PopeBobble Dieter

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