2005-2013     Director of International and Off-Campus Studies, St. Olaf College

1995-      Full Professor, St. Olaf College

1987-94 Associate Professor, St. Olaf College

1979-86  Assistant Professor, St. Olaf College

1976-77  Teaching Assistant, Yale Divinity School

1975      Teaching Assistant, Yale College


1979  Ph.D  (with distinction)   Yale University    Field: History of Christianity

Dissertation:Johann Arndt and the Development of a Lutheran Spiritual Tradition

1977  M. Phil., M.A.    Yale Graduate School

1974  M.Div. cum laude    Yale Divinity School

1972-73 Graduate study at  Mansfield College  Oxford University (Patristics and Medieval Church History)

1970    B.A.  magna cum laude (with honors) Brown University 
Major: Religious Studies/ Medieval History

1968    Oslo University - International Summer School


Selected Publications:

Book on Seventeenth Century Lutheran Meditations and Hymns for Paulist Press. September 2011

"'Sensus docendi mysticus': The Interpretation of the Bible in Johann Arndt's Postilla" inHermeneutica Sacra - Festschrift for Bengt Hägglund ed. by Torbjorn Johansson, Robert Kolb, Johann Anselm Steiger. DeGruyter, 2010.

“Pierre Bayle” “Gabriel Biel” “Jakob Böhme” “John Capreolus” “Deism” “René Descartes”  “Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz” “John Locke” “John Mill” “Isaac Newton” “ Blaise Pascal” “Johann  Andreas Quenstedt” “Cardinal Richelieu” “Richard Simon” “John Spencer” “Baruch Spinoza”  “Christian Wolff” in  The New Westminster Dictionary of Church History  2008

"Nordic and Baltic Lutheranism 1550-1680" in: Lutheran Ecclesiastical Culture 1550-1675
E. J. Brill: 2008 pp. 411-454

“Tauler the Mystic’s Lutheran Admirers”   article in Piety and Family in Early Modern Europe: Festschrift for Steven Ozment.   Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, 2005

"Lutheranism, United States"  " Lutheranism, Scandinavia"  "Lutheranism, Germany" “Eivind  Berggrav”  in  Encyclopedia of Protestantism   New York: Routledge, 2004

Documents from the History of Lutheranism 1517-1750
  Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2002

Co-editor with John Day & Anne O’Donnell: Word, Church, and State-Tyndale  Quincentenary Essays.  Washington DC:  Catholic University of America Press,  1998
“Tyndale and Frith on the Eucharist as Sign and Memorial”  article in this book.

"Paul  Speratus",  An  article in The Encyclopedia of the Reformation.  ed. Hans Hillerbrand. Oxford  University Press, 1996

"The Problem of Complacency in Seventeenth Century Lutheran Spirituality" in  Modern Christian Spirituality : Methodological and Historical Essays. Atlanta: Scholars Press 1990.  pp. 139-159

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 "The Impact of Lutheranism on Popular Religion in Sixteenth Century Germany" in Concordia Journal 13:4, October 1987  pp. 331-341

Work in Progress:

Introduction and annotations for the text: A Simple Way to Pray in The Essential Luther: Annotated Study Edtion. Fortress Press.

Articles on "Lutheranism and Lutheran Theology" and the "Formula of Concord" in New Dictionary of Theology. Inter-Varsity Press. forthcoming

Book Reviews in the Past Ten Years

Review of Dorothea Wendebourg, ed. Sister Reformations/ Schwesterreformationen: The Reformation in Germany and in England. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2010 in Lutheran Quarterly
26:2 Summer 2012

Review of Michael  J. Halvorson: Heinrich Heshusius and Confessional Polemics in Early Lutheran Orthodoxy: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2010. Church History June 2012

Review of Michael S. Whiting: Luther in English - the Influence of His Theology of Law and Gospel on Early English Evangelicals (1525-35)   Princeton Theological Monograph Series 142.  Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2010 in Lutheran Quarterly 25:4 Winter 2011

Review of John A. Maxfield: Luther’s Lectures on Genesis and the Formation of Evangelical Identity.   Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 80. Kirksville, MO: Truman State University Press, 2008, in Church History June 2011

Review of Charles Webster: Paracelsus: Medicine, Magic and Mission at the End of Time, in Church History 78:3 S 2009 685-687.

Review of Tanya Kevorkian: Baroque Piety: : Religion, Society, and Music in Leipzig, 1650-1750, in Church History 77:4 December 2008 1064-1066

Review of John Schofield. Melanchthon and the English Reformation, in Lutheran Quarterly Summer 2008 228-230

Review of Robert Scribner. Religion and Culture in Germany 1400-1800, in Church History March 2004

Review of Karin Maag, ed. Melanchthon in Europe, in Lutheran Quarterly Summer 2002

Review of Luther's Works on CD-ROM, in Lutheran Quarterly Winter 2002

Review of Brad Gregory. Salvation at Stake-Christian Martyrdom, in Early Modern Europe in Church History 71:3 September 2002

Review of Arthur Freeman. An Ecumenical Theology of the Heart: The Theology of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, in Lutheran Quarterly 2001

Review of Andrew Weeks. Valentin Wiegel-German Religious Dissenter, Speculative Theorist and Advocate of Tolerance, in Isis-Journal of the History of Science Society 92:1 March 2001

Review of Birgit Stolt,ed. Philipp Melanchthon und seine Rezeption in Skandinavien, in Lutheran Quarterly Spring 2001


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