Teaching at St. Olaf College

Currently I only teach off-campus interim courses. These are courses I have taught in the past

Religion 12: Interpreting the Christian Heritage

Religion 19: Problems of Religious Thought

Religion 21/121: The Bible in Culture and Community: Laws and Prophets

Religion 35/235: The Christian Tradition in History

Religion 212: Christian Theology in Historical Context

Religion 62/262/213: The Lutheran Heritage

Religion 214: Reformation Theology

Religion 81/381: Reformation Studies

Religion 92: Medieval Religious Life

Religion 392: Medieval Piety and Spirituality

Religion 399: Integrative Seminar on Mysticism

Religion IIc: Christian Lifestyles in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Religion ME63: The Origins of Christianity

Religion ME51: Christianity in Greek and Roman History

Religion 61I: Christian Rome to 1600

Religion 261: Religion and Culture in Rome

Religion 262: Catholic Rome, Lutheran Wittenberg

Religion 62/262: Religious Conflict in the Middle East

Religion 251: Religion and Cultural Diversity in South Africa

Religion 140: Sacred Cities-Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca

Religion 244/241: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

ID 252: History and Religion in South Africa (co-taught with Helena Pohlandt-McCormick)

The Great Conversation at St. Olaf:

ID 15: The Greeks and the Hebrews

ID 13: The Romans and the Early Christians

ID 16: The Medieval Synthesis

ID 17: New Forces of Secularization

ID 18: Revolution and Fragmentation

Paracollege Seminars:

Christian Monasticism

Humanities Seminar: From Renaissance to Enlightenment

These are independent study projects I have supervised

Modern Theologies

Slavic Christianity

Reformation Studies

Religion in Ireland

Jewish-Christian Relations

History of Christian Mysticism

Dark Ages Monasticism

History of Christian Education

Major Protestant Denominations

The Medieval Inquisition

History of American Lutheranism

The Neronian Persecution of the Church

Jewish, Christian, Muslim Interpretations of the Akedah

New Testament Perspectives on Polity and Worship

Religion and Sexuality

Comparative Monotheism

Religious Persecution in the Ancient World

Topics in Islam

The Politics of Islam

History of Islam in Spain

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