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Welcome to Biochemistry at St. Olaf College

The goal of this page is to provide an introduction to my experiences in the many areas that comprise the modern field of biochemistry.  Below I have provided some links to my education and research background, the courses I am currently teaching and some other fun tidbits that may help you better understand my ideas and philosophies.

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Teaching Philosophy
Teaching Experience
CHEM 111 Chemistry and the World
CHEM 120 Chemistry of Life's Beginnings
CHEM 125 Structural Chemistry and Equilibrium
CHEM 260 Medicinal Chemistry in Jamaica: An International Perspective
CHEM 373 Experimental Biochemistry
CHEM 379 Biochemistry I
CHEM 385 Biochemistry II
Future Projects
Medicinal Chemistry in Jamaica - St. Olaf's interim course

Hole In One!


St. Olaf has numerous opportunities for summer research. 

In addition, the NSF funds labs throught the country
with money for undergraduates to gain valuable research experience. 
A partial list can be found here.

Research Experience
Research Philosophy
Current Research Projects
Post-Doctoral Project Summary
Ph.D.  Dissertation Abstract


See out list of demonstrations for elementary school classes

Hole-in-one!!  August 22, 2008 Northern Bay Golf Club

2007 NSF MRI Award - Aquisition of a molecular imaging system to continue facutly-student research in an interdisciplinary biomolecular science program $27,669

Have a last minute gel to run?  Has it been a year since your last gel? Panicked about those results?  Relax and surf your way to the finest in resolution.  Proudly presenting...

The Virtual Lab Manual

What is Biochemistry?
How others have defined Biochemistry
Thermodynamics humor
Sustainable Agriculture
Molecules have personalities just like people.  What biological molecule best reflects my personality?  What about you?

Printable Curriculum Vita

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Surrounded by beakers, by strange coils,
By ovens and flasks with twisted necks,
The chemist, fathoming the whims of attractions,
Artfully imposes on them their precise meetings.
He controls their loves, hidden until now,
Discovers and directs their secret affinities,
Unites them and brings about their abrupt divorces,
And purposefully guides their blind destinies.

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