Analysis Assignment 2


Using the sequencing data files in the class material folder on the server, answer the following questions.  Feel free to provide comments beyond the scope of these questions additional observations are always welcome.  Please use a word processing program to prepare your report.




1.  Using the Chromas software, determine the quality of your sequencing data.  What criteria did you use?  At what point in the sequence did they data begin to blur.  Why?




2.  Determine if the DNA plasmid you isolated is the correct sequence (i.e. contains the mutant).  Support your analysis with the data.  Hint: use BLAST or MATCHER to analyze the sequences.




3.  Comment on anything preventing a complete analysis of the experiment.  With regard to sequencing, suggest things we could change to make a complete analysis if this was not possible.




3.  Turn in your analysis by Friday at 5:00.