Analysis Assignment 3


1.  Calculate the concentration of CBL, mutant and ovalbumin in mg/mL and mM for each technique used.


            please show an "example calculation" (you may neatly hand-write this)

            please provide a print of your standard curve (make sure to label your axis, etc.)



2.  Prepare a bar graph showing the calculated concentrations of the proteins on the y-axis and each technique/protein on the x-axis.  Be sure the chart shows your name, a title and is properly labeled in all respects. 


3.  Write a brief paragraph to accompany the above graphics interpreting the results (not restating the procedure!)  Think about what the plots tell you, consider calculating the percent agreement between the techniques, consider sources of error (other than human error), how much confidence do you have in the calculated concentration of your proteins?


4.  Turn in your completed calculations and analysis by Friday at 5:00.