Analysis Assignment 4


1.  Prepare a properly labeled figure showing your purification gel.  Be sure the figure shows your names, a title and is properly labeled in all respects.  Include a caption that indicates the contents of each lane. 


2.  Write a paragraph to accompany the above graphic interpreting the results (not restating the procedure!)  Think about what the experiment intended to do.  Ask yourself in which samples do you observe a protein band in your gel with a MW of 45kD that would indicate the presence of cystathionine b-lyase? Does this make sense with the theory of affinity chromatography?  Do you observe any additional bands in the final product indicating residual impurities? If so, then how might you further purify this product?  Does band intensity correlate to the results you obtained last week in terms of protein concentration?


3.  What is the quaternary structure of CBL?  Confirm your answer with a literature reference.


4.  Turn in your completed analysis by Friday at 5:00.