Pre-lab assignment 6


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1.  The extinction coefficient for a hypothetical protein is 1.4x105 AU M-1cm-1.  How is this value used to determine concentration of the protein?










2.  You have hypothetically isolated a pure sample of carbonic anhydrase with a concentration of 43 mcM (micromolar can be abbreviated as mcM or mM).  What is the concentration in mg/mL?









3.  Show the calculations for preparing 1.0 mL of three bovine serum albumin (BSA) solutions in water at the following concentrations given a stock solution of BSA at 2.00 mg/mL?


            10 mg/mL


            25 mg/mL


            50 mg/mL



Notebook assignment                                                                                                               /5


Using the lab manual and any other necessary resources, decide whether the BCA assay or the Bradford assay is best for determining the concentration of cystathionine b-lyase.  Include any procedural notes you may need to conduct the assay.