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Norseman Band

St. Olaf Trombone Choir

St. Olaf Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra (30th Anniversary 2009)

Ameriikan Poijat (20th Anniversary 2010)

Vintage Band Music Festival 2006

Ingria Pilgrims : Lilly International Service Learning Project to St. Peterburg, Russia June 2005

Repertoire Lists of Finnish Band Partbooks and Scores in Archives

Finnish band history, lived out in Finland and among immigrants to other countries, is documented in these repertoire lists. In most cases the instrumenation of oldest bands is based on the fifteen-part brass band, an"expanded septet," which has been called "normaali vanha" (regular old) by Finnish bandsmen. As the bands modernized and came from the military into communities, the instrumentation was streamlined to the seven part seitsikko. The most modern libraries have mixed instrumentaion and international repertoire. The library catalogues included here are a broad range of ages from 1850s to modern day.


Finnish Band History Bibliography

The Finnish War Archives: Collection of Autonomous Era Band Repertoire

University of Helsinki Library Band Collection

Other Important Finnish Brass Band Music Archive Lists




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