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    Greetings! My name is Marc Robinson and I am an associate professor of Russian at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota (God's country). I have been married to Cindy Starkey Robinson for almost 23 years and we have four children: Nicholas, Nadia, Sergei and Ella. Two are biological and two joined us in 1995 from Russia. We love Northfield and can't imagine a better place to live or to raise a family. We are heavily involved with our jobs, our children's activities, volunteering, theater, music and good food!
    Courses taught in the fall: Courses taught in the spring:


Courses being taught this year:

Courses taught in alternating years:

Russian 261 (Fall semester)
This is a survey course of Russian literature up to 1890
Russian 265 (Spring semester)
This is a survey of Russian film - Take a course, watch a movie!
Russian 371 - DOSTOEVSKY
This is a seminar on the writings of Dostoevsky.

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