Adam's Rib 1992 Kristofovich. A family drama - well acted with some wry humor.


Aelita, Queen of Mars. 1924. Protozanov. Science fiction film about a worker revolt on Mars.

PN 1997.85 .A29

Age Seven in the Soviet Union. (7-up in the Soviet Union) 1993. Sergei Miroshnichenko. A documentary interviewing seven-year-olds from various places in the Soviet Union about a variety of topics. A very penetrating look at the young people.

HQ 792.S65 A38 1993

Alexandr Nevsky. 1938 Eisenstein/Vasiliev. Rousing anti-nazi, pro-Stalin rewriting of history. Incredible score by Prokofiev.

PN 1997.A44

Laser disc version - restored soundtrack - PN1997.A3215 1994

Andrei Rublev. 1965 Tarkovsky. Epic, poetic telling of 15th century Iconographer. This version is VHS and is truncated with bad subtitles.

PN 1997.A55

------- Same. Laserdisc - full version with good subtitles and "extras"

PN 1997.A55 1994

Ashik Kerib. 1988. Paradjanov. Non traditional telling of the Lermontov fable about a travelling minstrel.

PN 1997.85 .A78

Ballad of a Soldier - . 1959. Chukhrai. Neo-romantic film about a young

soldier who refuses a medal for an heroic act so that he can get a leave

to go visit his mother. Many things get in his way on his journey and he

arrives only in time to depart again. He meets many people from various walks

in life. A fine film with understated performances.

PN 1997 .B34

Bed and Sofa. 1926 Room. Comedic chamber film about a love triangle in a cramped Moscow

apartment. The film has great performances and is one of the first

(and one of the only) films to deal with women's issues.

PN 1997 .B43

(Battleship) Potemkin. 1925 Eisenstein. Classic film about the mutiny on the Battleship


PN 1997 .P67

The Burglar. 1987 Ogorodnikov. A punk rocker is the dubious role model for his younger

brother when their family begins to fall apart. Famous for the heavy use

of rock and punk music.

PN 1997 .B87 1987

Burnt by the Sun. 1995 Mikhalkov. A Bolshevik General supports the system and watches as

the system turns to destroy him and his family. Oscar for best foreign film.

Laserdisc - PN1997.V78 1995

Circus. 1936 Aleksandrov. A musical about an American who runs away to Moscow to find

respite from bigotry in the US about her illegitimate bi-racial baby. She finds

acceptance and love at the Moscow circus.


City Zero. 1988 Shakhnazarov. A strange film dealing with the dissintegration of the

Soviet Union, but told from an individual's point of view.

PN 1997 .C58

Close to Eden. (Urga). 1993 Mikhalkov. Cross-cultural comedy in which Gombo, a Mongolian

shepherd and Sergei, a Russian become friends and hit the road together.

Gombo heads to the city to stock up, but finds that modern life may not be

all that appealing.

PN 1997 .U74

The Color of Pomegranates - (Red Pomegranate). 197 Paradzhanov. Poetic treatment of the

Poetry of Sayat Nova - an armenian poet. Non narrative in structure and very

Beautiful images abound.


The Commissar. 196- Askoldov. Film in which Rolan Bykov plays a Jewish father who must

take in a pregnant, anti-semitic female Commissar during the Civil War. Not re-

leased for years, the film drew international acclaim when finally released in 1988.

PN 1997.85.C785

The Creation of Adam. Pavlov 1993. One of the first Russian films to feature a homosexual

theme. Andrei's wife suspects that he is gay and the arrival of a mysterious man,

Phillip confirms this.


Crime and Punishment. 1970 (1969) Kulidzhanov. Adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel about a

young student who murders two women.

PN 1997.85 .P63

The Cranes are Flying. 1957 Kalatosov Well done film of the thaw dealing with the

effects of war on individuals.

PN 1997 .L46

Earth. 1930 Dovzhenko. Poetic treatment of collectivization and the cycle of life.

PN 1997 .E15

Freeze, Die, Come to Life. 1989. Kanevsky. Harsh treatment of two children growing up in a remote town during the communist period.

PN 1997 .Z29


Vol. 1: Against the Current - about ecological crime and how the residents of Kirishi protested

a local chemical plant. 1988 27 min. Delov

The Wood Goblin - for 15 years a former WWII commander lived alone in the woods

after a smear campaign removed him from his Communist party position. 1987 18 min. Kustov

Vol. 2: The Temple - about the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia and the role of

religion in Soviet society. 1987. 58 min. Dyakonov

Vol. 3: The Tailor - a sobering look at the spiritual void and disillisionment of middle

aged Soviet adults. 1988. 50 min. Mirzoyan

Early on Sunday - a visit with old women working in the woods. 1987. 16 min. Mamedov

Vol. 4: Chernobyl: Chronicle of Difficult Weeks - first film made after the accident. The

director died later of radiation poison. 1986. 54 min. Shevchenko

The BAM Zone - about the uncompleted Baikal-Amur Mainline railway symbolizing the

stagnation of the Brezhnev years. 1987. 18:30 min. Pavlov

Vol. 5: Scenes at a Fountain - chronicles efforts to stop a natural gas fire. 1986. 28 min. Gonopolsky

The Limit - Looks at the effects of alcoholism on young and old. 1986. 15 min. Skabard

Vol. 6: And the Past Seems But a Dream - a 50 year reunion of people re-located by Stalin to the extreme North. 1987. 87 min. Miroshnichenko

Theatre Square - non-narrated look at a hunger strike staged over the Nagorno-Karabahk

dispute. 1988. 28 min. Arutunyan

Vol. 7: Black Square - About avant-garde art from the 50's to the 70's. 1988. 56 min. Pasternak

Dialogues - rock-jazz and new wave music jam session in a Leningrad palace. 1987. 28 min. Obukhovich

Vol. 8: This Is How We Live - a look at young fascists and punks. 1987. 30 min. Oseledchik

Homecoming - veterans of the Afghan war describe their feelings upon returning. 1987. 17 min. Chubakova

Vol. 9: Marshall Blucher: A Portrait Against the Backdrop of an Epoch - shows the impact of the Stalinist purges in the story of one commander killed in 1938. 1988. 70 min. Eisner

Vol. 10: The Trial-II - a meditation on the past and future of the Soviet Union. 1988. 55 min. Belyayev

Adonis XIV - a parable about a "judas" goat - banned for nine years. 1977/1986 9 min. Sadykov

Vol. 11: Final Verdict - personal examination of a young murderer. 1987. 68 min. Frank

The Evening Sacrifice - Experimental non-narrative film that attempts to capture the spirit

of a crowd. 1984/1987 17:30 min. Sokurov

Vol. 12: Are You Going to the Ball? - look at the hardships of young gymnasts. 1987. 28 min. Khvorova

Tomorrow is a Holiday - Young women workers reveal their alienation over poor working conditions. 1987. 19 min. Bukovsky

I'll Love if I Want to. Vasilii Panin. Based on Valerij Briusov's Last Pages of a Woman's Diary. In Russian - no subtitles!

PG3453.B7 P67

Is it Easy to Be Young? 1986 Yuri Podniek. Documentary on youth and disillusionment. HQ799.R8 L4

Ivan Grozny (the Terrible), Parts I and II. 1944,1946. (Part II released, 1958). Eisenstein. Historical drama about Ivan the Terrible drawing both positive and negative parallels between Ivan Grozny and Stalin. This accounts for the late release of part II. Score by Prokofiev.


Jazzman. 1984 Shakhnazarov. Comedy about a band of musicians wanting to play Jazz during

the NEP period. About creativity within the confines of the Soviet Union.

PN 1997 .J38

Lady With a Dog. 1959. Heifitz. Rather traditional, but faithful adaptation of the Chekhov short

story in which an unhappily married woman and a married man carry on an affair that lasts 20 years.

PN 1997.85 .L23

Lessons at the End of Spring. 1991. Oleg Kagun. Harrowing film about a 13 year old boy in

Russian prison during the time of Kruschev. Describes his loss of innocence in the prison. The violence is juxtaposed with dream sequences.

Very violent with extensive nudity. Unrated.


The Legend of the Suram Fortress. 197- Paradzhanov. Film adaptation of a Georgian legend

In which a person is walled up in a Fortress.


Luna Park. 1991. Pavel Lougine. Tale about a skin head who finds out his father is Jewish.

PN 1997 .L863 1994

Man With a Movie Camera. 1929 Vertov. Documentary starring a camera. All the possible

camera tricks of the time.

PN 1997 .C44

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears. 1980 Menshov. Three small town women go to Moscow

to pursue their dreams. Catches back up with them 20 years later.

Academy Award winner.

PN 1997 .M67

Moscow Parade 1993 Dykhovichny. Story about a young aristocrat married to a Secret polics

Chief during Stalinism - in 1939. His forces have killed all her family, but she uses

her relationship with him to keep living in an aristocratic style, until...


Mother. 1926. Pudovkin Adaptation of the Gorky novel. About a mother who takes up the

revolution when the son is killed after escaping from political imprisonment.

PN 1997.85 .M67

My Name is Ivan. (Ivan's Childhood) 1962 Andrei Tarkovksky. A story of a young boy who works for the partisans during the war. A beautiful black and white

meditation on innocence ravaged by war. Magnificent dream sequences.

PN 3479.4.0433 I82 1963

Nostalgia. 19-- Tarkovsky. Story of a Russian emigre in Italy who struggles to find his identity

among the memories he holds of Russia and the land where he lives.


The Overcoat. 1959. Batalov. Fine adaptation of Gogol's short story about a petty clerk.

Akaky Akakievich played by Rolan Bykov.

PN 1997.85 .N5

Prince Igor. Borodin. Opera based on The Lay of Igor's Campaign features stunning sets and

dances by the Kirov Opera Company along with Borodin's famous music.


Rasputin. 1975 (1985) Klimov. Controversial film about the monk Rasputin and his influence

on the Russian monarchy before the revolution.

PN 1997 .R27

Repentance. 1987 Abuladze. Magnificent film dealing with the conceptualization of a dictator

and society's responsibility for dealing with crimes of the past.

PN 1997 .R37

Seven-Up in the Soviet Union. (Age Seven in the Soviet Union) 1993. Sergei Miroshnichenko. A documentary interviewing seven-year-olds from various places in the Soviet Union about a variety of topics. A very penetrating look at the young people.

HQ 792.S65 A38 1993

Second Circle 1990 Sokurov. A dark look at a grown son coming home to take care of details

after his father's death. A depiction of a lone child who must grieve when he has

no physical, spiritual or personal supports. Very little dialog, mostly just a clear,

disturbing depiction of a life at a crossroad. PN 1997 .K84

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. 1965 (Wild Horses of Fire) Paradjanov. Magnificent film about a man who marries a woman he doesn't love after his true love dies. The film explores the world of legend, occult visions, revenge and death.

PN 1997.85 .S47

Sibiriada. 1979. Konchalovsky. Epic romantic drama of two feuding families in Siberia from the revolution to the present.

PN 1997 .S4875 1994

Sidewhiskers. 1990 Mamin. Black comedy about the transition from national pride to fascism

PN 1997 .S49

Solaris. 1971. Tarkovsky. Science fiction film about a strange phenomenon that brings people's

innermost desires to reality.


PN 1997.85 .S6

Theme. 1979 Panfilov, Gleb. Tale of a writer coming to terms with State sponsored or

demanded mediocrity.


Volga, Volga. 1936 Musical staring Liubov Orlova about a postal worker who writes a prize

winning show tune while having a race down the Volga


Window to Paris 1993 Mamin. Fantastic tale of a window in St. Petersburg that opens once

every 20 years onto Paris.

Laserdisc. PN1997.0386


The Irony of Fate - - - About a man who goes to a bathhouse, gets blitzed and wakes up in a different town in an identical apartment to his.

Heart of a Dog - - - An adaptation of M. Bulgakov's short story about a scientist who transforms a dog into a human to further Soviet science.

Il'f and Petrov Went by Tram - -

The Adventures of Buratino - - Animated Soviet version of Pinocchio.

The Idiot - 1958 Pyr'ev Filming of Dostoevsky's classic novel.

Marc Robinson's Films:


American Daughter - - Russian man comes to America to get his 7 year old daughter back. English and Russian w/ subtitles

The Circus - - Alexandrov 1936 Musical comedy about an American with a black

child running to Russia to find acceptance.

City Zero - - Shakhnazarov - See main list.

The Courier - - Coming of age story of a young man. w/ subtitles

Dreams - - Shakhnazarov - women from 1900 and 1990 exchange dreams.

The Fountain - - Mamin - Comedic satire about an apartment house in Leningrad.

The Hat - - based on a Vladimir Voinovich story about a bureaucrat who wants to be

presented with a hat for his years of service to the Soviet State.

It - - Ovcharov. Based on Saltykov-Schedrin's "History of a Town" this film traces

Russian history from the beginnings to the present.

Letters of a Dead Man - - Lopushansky -post-nuclear parable.

Neptune's Holiday - - Mamin - Comedy. Misadventures surrounding the New Years day celebration.

Runaway Train - Konchalovsky - US made film in English with Jon Voigt


, - ?

- drama about life in prison.

- Alexandrov

, - Alexandrov - musical comedy starring L. Orlova

- Gaidai - comedy

- Cherkasskij - cartoon based on Chukovsky's adaptation of Dr. Doolittle

- a film about criminals.

- see above

- bad melodrama about a seduced priest

- Sokurov - 1988 Feature film based on a Strugatsky brothers' novel about a young doctor who goes to Central Asia.

- Ryazanov

- ?

- Gaidai - comedy about Ivan the Terrible coming to the present

- Todorovsky - melodrama about a hard-currency prostitute

- ?

- Shukshin Film based on his novella

- detective

- ?

-- - science fiction glasnost' film.

- coming of age story of a young man.

- drama about a poet who buys a gun and his own destruction - starring S. Makavetsky

- Dostal' - comedy based on Iskander's "O, Marat"

- humorous sketches by a well known comedic troupe.

- Sokurov - 1978-1988 Documentary

- About women trying to make it in Moscow. Won the Oscar for best foreign film.

- Sokurov - 1986-1987 - Documentary on Andrei Tarkovsky

- 1995? Film about a young man who comes back from Afghanistan a Moslem.

- ?

- ?

- ?

- drama?

- Keosayan - 1967

- Keosayan - 1968

- - Dostal' - comedy about a simple man who becomes someone when he says he is leaving his provincial city.

- N. Mikhailkov - Screen adaptation of a 19th Century novel by Goncharov.

- Ryazanov - Drama about a writer who is told he only has a short time to live.

- Gogol's play dramatized

- ?

- ?

- Shakhnazarov - comedy about contemporary and 19th cent. women who share dreams.

- Panfilov - 1979/1986 Cinematic introspection

- 1993 Sokurov - loose adaptation of Crime and Punishment

- Faintsimmer - 1977

- Drama about a romance between a criminal and his defense attny.

- ?

- Burnt by the Sun - Oscar winning film about a man whose family is

destroyed during the Stalinist purges.

- Shakhnazarov - about a modern man who remembers killing the tsar.

- ?

- Surikova - 1977


- Sokurov - 1993 Documentary

- bad immitation of Hollywood adventure film.