RUSSIAN 261 - FALL, 1997

Professor Robinson

MWF 10:45-11:40

This course will treat Russian literature from the medieval period up through the end of the 19th century. There will be two major exams as well as one 3-5 page paper, one 10 page minimum paper and weekly journals (minimum of one page per each class day). These journals will be collected every week as a means of verifying that you are keeping up with the reading. Your writing style will not be graded in these journals. I just want to read your ideas as you are reading the various works. If you are inspired to write creatively based on what you have read, that is great. You will not be judged on the content or style, but only on the fact that you are ruminating on the works we are reading. It is not important that you like what is being read. Your view of the work will not alter your grade on the journal writing. In other words, don't worry if you hate my favorite author. I may well hate your favorite author! I am interested only in the fact that you think about what you are doing the assigned reading.

In addition, class discussion will be a significant portion of this course. I expect all persons in this class to participate daily in the discussions of the literary works. Even if you don't think you have anything brilliant to add to the days discussion, your observations may trigger brilliance in another! The breakdown of points for the semester are as follows:
Midterm - 20%
Final - 20%
Journals - 15%
Short Essay - 10%
Class Participation - 15%
Long Paper - 15%
Presentation of Paper - 5%
Total (I hope) -100%

Please note that a significant portion of the grade will be based on the journals and the class participation grade. This is indeed meant to be a threat to encourage you to discuss in class and take the journals seriously.

Professor Robinson's office is in Old Main, 12B, x3160. My home address is 707 St. Olaf Ave., Home phone: 645-5554

The final exam will be given MONDAY, December 15th, 2:30-4:40. Do not try to get an altered test exam time. Do not make plane reservations for the 14th and expect the final to be moved around your schedule.



FALL 1997

FRI. 9/5 Introduction to the course and the beginnings of Russian literature. Zenkovsky, Medieval..."Stories from the Primary Chronicle"- pp. 44-62, 65-71, 112-116.
MON. 9/8 Medieval Russian literature. The Kievan period Medieval, "The Lay of Igor's Campaign," pp. 167-190.
WED. 9/10 "The Lay of Igor's Campaign " Medieval, "Peter and Fevronia", pp. 290-300, "Ivan/Kurbsky Correspondence" pp. 366-376, "Tale of the White Cowl", pp. 323-333.
FRI. 9/12 Medieval Russian literature. The Muscovite period. Medieval, "Frol Skobeev", 474-486.

Karamzin, "Poor Liza"

Heritage of Russian VerseLomonosov, "Evening Meditation", pp. 52-54. Derzhavin, pp. 57-63.

MON. 9/15 The end of the medieval period and the 18th century . Chatsky (Woe from Wit)Griboedov, Acts 1 and 2.
WED. 17 Classicism and Sentimentalism Chatsky (Woe from Wit)Griboedov, Acts 3 and 4.
FRI. 9/19 Griboedov

First paper due

HRV, Pushkin, "Vinograd", p. 84. All poems from 85-105, 111-115.
MON. 9/22 Pushkin, the poet. Pushkin, Eugene Onegin. Canto I and II
WED. 9/24 Eugene Onegin Eugene Onegin, Canto III, IV, V
FRI. 9/26 Eugene Onegin Eugene Onegin, Canto VI, VII and VIII
MON. 9/29 Eugene Onegin Pushkin, "The Queen of Spades"
WED. 10/1 "The Queen of Spades " Hero of Our TimeLermontov, "Bela" and "Maksim Maksimich"
FRI. 10/3 Romanticism in Russian Literature Hero of Our TimeLermontov, "Taman", and 1st half of "Princess Mary"
MON. 10/6 Hero of Our Time Hero of Our Time, Lermontov, to end.
WED. 10/8 Hero of Our Time HRV All poems of Lermontov
FRI. 10/10 Lermontov as poet. Study for MIDTERM EXAM
MON. 10/13 MIDTERM EXAM "The Terrible Vengeance", Gogol.
WED. 10/15 Gogol and his ties to German Romanticism "Ivan Fyodorovich Shponka and His Aunt", Gogol.
FRI. 10/17 Gogol "The Portrait", Gogol.


FRI. 10/24 Gogol "Nevsy Prospect", "The Nose", Gogol.
MON. 10/27 Gogol "The Overcoat", Gogol.
WED. 10/29 Gogol The Inspector General, Gogol.
FRI. 10/31 Gogol as Dramatist In HRV all poems of Tiutchev and Fet.
MON. 11/3 Tiutchev and Fet "Khor and Kalinych", "District Doctor", Sketches From a Hunter's Album, Turgenev.
WED. 11/5 Turgenev "Bezhin Lea", "Death", "Singers" SFHA, Turgenev.
FRI. 11/7 Turgenev "Living Relic", "Clatter of Wheels", SFHA, Turgenev.
MON. 11/10 Turgenev "White Nights", Great Short Works of Dostoevsky, Dostoevksy.
WED. 11/12 Dostoevsky The Gambler, Chapters 1-9, GSWD, Dostoevsky
FRI. 11/14 Dostoevsky

Rough draft of paper due

The Gambler, Chapters 10-end, GSWD, Dostoevsky.
MON. 11/17 Dostoevsky "The Gentle Creature", GSWD, Dostoevsky.
MON. 11/19 Dostoevsky "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man", GSWD, Dostoevsky.
WED. 11/21 Dostoevsky "The Death of Ivan Ilych", Tolstoy.
FRI. 11/24 Tolstoy "The Kreutzer Sonata", chapters 1-18, Tolstoy.
MON. 11/26 Tolstoy "The Kreutzer Sonata" to end, Tolstoy.


MON. 12/1 Give brief overview of papers. Work on papers
WED. 12/3 Tolstoy PAPERS DUE

"Master and Man", Tolstoy.

FRI. 12/5 Tolstoy Wrap up semester
MON. 12/8 Tolstoy vs. Dostoevsky Wrap up semester
WED. 12/10 Retrospective on literature covered in the course. PREPARE FOR FINAL EXAM

FINAL EXAM: MON 12/15 2:30 - 4:30