Math 128E:  Calculus II

Fall 2005

Instructor: Martha Wallace: OMH 103, x3408

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Text: Ostebee, Zorn: Calculus, Volume 2, 2nd Ed.

Necessary tool: A TI-89, TI-92+ or TI-Voyage 200 graphing/symbolic calculator.

Grading Policy:
How your work contributes to your grade:

How your %  affects your grade:
Work Component: Points:
Total Per Cent Minimum Grade
Homework, Labs and Quizzes 100-150    90%  A- 
Tests 300 
80%  B- 
Final 150 
65%  C- 
Total Possible Points

Grade will be reduced one letter if fewer than 90% of Maple-TA assignments are completed adequately.

Homework Requirements:

With few exceptions, you will have two assignments due each day, both listed on the class Moodle  page (login with your stolaf e-mail name and password at homework will consist of two parts. Each will be graded, though in different ways.

No late homework will be accepted. However,  the three lowest written homework scores will be deleted from consideration when grades are calculated, to allow for emergencies or illness.

Skills Tests:

While the primary emphasis in this class is on conceptual understanding and higher order thinking, proficiency with calculus computation skills is also essential. Consequently, you may be required to pass one or two Calculus Skills tests, which you will take on your own time and retake until you achieve a passing score.

Getting Help:

Math Clinics:  These walk-in help sessions, are a good chance to get some help from upper-class math majors on your assignments. Here is the schedule for Calc II clinics this semester:

SC 186 -- Math 126/128
7:30-9:00 Su M T W Th evenings

Help from the Instructor:  I am glad to answer questions or talk about your homework during my office hours and at other times by appointment. You may also e-mail questions to me and you should check your electronic mail between classes for hints and clarifications on assignments.

Disability Policy:
If you have a documented disability that will impact your work in this class, please contact me to discuss your needs. Additionally, you will need to register with Student Disability Services located at the Academic Support Center in Room 1 of the Old Main Annex. All such discussions will be confidential.

Tentative Content Outline. Go to Moodle for current and past assignments
Date Topic To Be Discussed
Date Topic To Be Discussed
9/09 What is Calculus?

9/12 5.1-5.3: Review of derivatives, and integrals
10/31 9.2 : Taylor's Theorem
9/14 5.4 : Integration by substitution
11/02 10.1 : Improper Integrals
9/16 3.4, 5.4: Inverse trig. functions and derivatives and integrals
11/04 10.2, 10.3: Detecting Convergence

9/19 8.1 : Integration by parts
11/07 10.2, 11.1 : Convergence of Improper Integrals & Sequences
9/21 5.5 , 8.1: Integration by parts and with CAS
11/09 11.2: Convergence of Infinite Series
9/23 5.6 : Integral as a limit
11/11 11.3 : Testing for convergence

9/26 5.7: Working with sums
11/14 11.4: Alternating Series
9/28 6.1 : Approximating integrals
11/16 11.4 : Absolute convergence
9/30 6.2 : Error bounds
11/18 Test II

10/03 Quiz
7.1 : Arc length and Area

11/21 11.5: Power Series
10/05 7.2: Volumes
11/23 Thanksgiving
10/07 7.2: Volumes
11/25 Thanksgiving

10/10 7.4 : Solving DE's
11/28 M.1 : Three-dimensional space
10/12 7.4 : Solving DE's; Difference Eq Example
11/30 M.2: Functions of two variables
10/14 Test I
12/02 M.3 : Partial Derivatives

10/17 Fall Break
12/05 M.4: Partial Derivatives
10/19 7.5 : Present Value
12/07 M.6 : Calculating Multiple Integrals
10/21 4.2: Limits involving infinity
12/09 Test III

10/24 Derivation of "e"
12/12 Review for Final
10/26 9.1 : Taylor Polynomials
12/14 Reading Day
10/28 9.2 : Taylor's Theorem

12/20 Final Exam, 2: 30-4: 30 p.m.