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Professional Organizations

Department of Children, Families and Learning
MAA - North Central Section

NSF Curriculum Projects

Umbrella or Dissemination Organizations
EDC- HS Curricula
Compass-NSF HS Curricula
ShowMe Center Home-NSF Middle School Curricul
Arise: Internet Links
Welcome to Everyday Learning on the Web!
Connected Geometry Home Page
Interactive Mathematics Program
EDC On-Line
The Connected Mathematics Project
Putting Mathematics in Context: New curriculum challeges students
Project Summary
Summary of middle school math projects
Project ARISE Home Page

MathEd Class Sites

Rainbow Lab: Introduction
The WDVL: Graphics Resources
Pig simulation
Evaluate How Well You Study Math
The University of Minnesota Calculus Initiative
Math5337: Creating an Assignment Using the Web
Minnesota MATHCOUNTS Home Page
Assessing Scientific Inquiry
Evaluate How Well You Study Math
Active Geometry (Thomas) Files
INTASC Standards
TIMSS International Database
Geometry & Its Applications (Geomap)
2 plus 2: The Home of Mathematically Correct
SciMathMN - Math in Minnesota
MT: January 1997: Euclid, Fibonacci, and Sketchpad: page 1
Interactive Mathematics - Year 4
First Year of Teaching
Add to Math Ed list
NAEPFACTS: Long-Term Trends in Student Mathematics Performance
Minnesota Children Gradrule Listing

Mathematics Education Sites

Just-in-Time Algebra and Trigonometry for Students of Calculus Book Page
Psychologists reinvigorate math lessons for children
Welcome to the NCTM homepage
University of Chicago School Mathematics Project
Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS)
A Business Leaders' Guide to Supporting Math and Science Achievement
Sep 96 Mathematics Education Resources on the World Wide Web. ERIC Digest.
Jim Wilson - Ideas for Math Ed
NCTM Discussion
Performance Task Examples
QUASAR Project
CANADA/USA Mathcamp Math Links
Concept Maps
Concept Maps
Concept Mapping Homepage
The Math Forum: math-teach Archive
Math Forum Electronic Newsletter
MathLand Archives
Content Knowledge
Zimaths, a maths journal for high schools>
TERC Home Page
Student-Generated Test Questions
CEEMaST, Cal Poly Pomona
The Math Forum: Public Discussions
NCSM Home Page
Math Ed Reference
Resources for Women Scientists
A Mathlete's Training Guide - Mathematics Competetion
Practical Uses of Math And Science Home Page
Synthesis of Research on Problem Solving
ThinkQuest Contest Examples
Math Forum: Discrete Math Lesson Plans
Equity in the Reform of Mathematics and Science Education: Intro
Forum News Gateway Welcome
Welcome to US TIMSS
Visual Calculus
Search Assessment and Evaluation on the Internet
Secondary Mathematics Assessment and Resource Database
2 plus 2: The Home of Mathematically Correct
Professional Development for Math & Science Educators
Project NExT -- New Experiences in Teaching
Writing in Mathematics Classes
Math Forum - Teaching Math in Block Scheduling
Mathematics & Science Materials
Becoming a Teacher of Mathematics: A Constructive, Interactive Process
Shell Centre for Mathematical Education
EXTEND: Resources for Mathematics Education
The Annenberg/CPB K-12 Math and Science Project
Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites
The Geometry Forum


MN Grad Standards-Mathematics
The Minnesota Grad Standards-Math
California Grades 9/10
Minnesota Government Directories
Standards at McREL
Standards at McREL
The Fall and Rise of Standards-Based Education
Developing Educational Standards: Overview
Developing Content Standards: Creating a Process for
National Science Education Standards

College Math Ed

Instructional Methods Study
Writing Intensive Classroom Materials
Tommy Ratliff - Wheaton College
MAA Online
Devlin's Angle: Of Men, Mathematics, and Myths
Archives of MATHEDU.

Statistics Education

Exploring Data
The Data and Story Library
Allan Rossman's Home Page-Statistics
Learning About Education Through Statistics

Mathematics Sites

Pascal Triangle-up to 650 rows
Pascal's Triangle - 128 rows
Math Forum: Corner for Interactive Geometry Software (CIGS)
The Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden section

Calculus Projects

Home page for Dan Sloughter
Online Exercises
Mr. Calculus
Readiness Examination for Calculus II
Math 104 - Calculus I - Tommy Ratliff - Fall 1997
Gavin's Calculus Projects
PWS Calculus Modules
Student Projects in Calculus

Traffic Competition
Dynamical Systems and Technology Project
amte active topics
(since 24 January 1998)
Mathematical Quotation Server
NonEuclid - Hyperbolic Geometry Article + Software
World of Escher
Math5337 Symmetry, Table of Contents
Math Pages
High School Proficiency Model Assessment
The Fibonacci Numbers and Golden section in Nature
Engineering, Science, and Technical Listing Page
Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics
Math5337: Final Projects
The Chance Database Welcome Page
math-history-list Archives
Mathematics Archives - Electronic Newsgroups and Listservs
Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics
Mathematical Quotation Server
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

Geometry Sites

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Dynamical Systems and Technology Project
St. Olaf Geometry Projects
Hypercube's Home Page
NonEuclid - Hyperbolic Geometry Article + Software Applet
JavaSketchpad Center
Math Forum - Suzanne Alejandre: Tessellations
The Math Forum - Mathematics Teacher: Geometry Bibliography
Preliminary Schedule, Latest Update
The Geometry Junkyard: Symmetry and Group Theory
The Geometry Center Welcome Page
World of Escher
Internet Geometry
Geometry Forum - geometry.pre-college

Education Sites

Assessing Inquiry: ODE Scoring Guide
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Say Direct Instruction, Rather Than "Discovery Learning" Is Best Way To Teach Process Skills In Science
Pathways to School Improvement

Resources, Clearinghouses

Eisenhower National Clearing House

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
ENC Online

ERIC Materials

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
ERIC Digests
Welcome to The ERIC Pages
ED335238 91 Communicating the Next Message of Reform through the Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics. ERIC/SMEAC Mathematics Education Digest.
ED359065 Jul 93 The Effects of Homogeneous Groupings in Mathematics. ERIC/CSMEE Digest.
ED380310 95 Making Mathematical Connections in High School. ERIC Digest.
ERIC Digests

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page


The Guide to Math & Science Reform


97-999 / Mathematics Framework for the 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress / Chapter 3--1996 NAEP Mathematics Objectives
Mathematics Framework for the 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress

NAEP Electronic Publications


TIMSS Forum User's Guide
3rd International Math and Science Study - Order CD


Welcome to McREL

Mathematics and Science Education Center
Mathematics and Science Education Center
Mathematics and Science Education Center


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Mathematics
InSITE: The Information network of SITE
U.S. Department of Education Publications
Other On-Line Educational Resources
FastLane Homepage
The Hub
Resources for Educators
EXTEND: Resources for Mathematics Education
Lynn Steen project - Query Results
National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science
Mathematics and Science Education Center
NCRTL Publication List

Action Research

Action Research, InService
Action Research, Pre-Service
CISL/Strategies: Action Research
Jack Whitehead's Action Research Homepage


Portfolio Assessment
Learning Record HomePage
Multimedia Portfolios

CBE, How Does? Checklist
Educational Excellence Network
Virtual University Minnesota demonstration homepage
Your CASO Guide: The Internet University
Urban Middle Schools Reform
EEEN Home Page
Welcome to University Online
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
K-12 Resources
Table of Contents-Cognitive Science
Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
Misconceptions Seminar WWW Server: Welcome


Shaping the Future, Volume II (NSF 98-128)
Welcome to CCSSO
Findings from The Condition of Education 1997: Women In Mathematics and Science
Block Scheduling
NAEP 1996 Mathematics Report Card for the Nation and the States, Executive Summary
Math Forum - Math and Public Policy
Math Forum - Public Understanding of Mathematics
Math Forum - Articles on the Public Understanding of Mathematics
1996 National Education Summit
CRESST Home Page

Professional Development

Promising Practices: Teacher Education
Blueprints Online
TTE-The Lighthouse Project Home Page
NSF 99-49: Investing in Tomorrow's Teachers
About the NBPTS
Table of Contents: From Students of Teaching to Teachers of Students
Teacher Enhancement Electronic Communications Hall
Pathways to School Improvement
Professional Development
Science Teacher Preparation
Mathematics Teaching and Learning
K12ASSESS-L Mailing List
Achieving the Goals: Goal 4 - Teacher Professional Development
Content Knowledge
National Teaching and Learning Forum