Shape, Space and Measurement, Summer 2002

Shape, Space and Measurement, Summer 2002

Jane Amundson, Martha Wallace, Instructors

Sketchpad Sketches to Use on Web

Sketchpad Sketches to Download and Use with Sketchpad 4.0

To Download:
    1. With Netscape: Right click on the desired file and select Save Link to: to save the desired file  to your computer. (Note:  When I tried this with Netscape 4.79, Sketchpad could not open the saved file.   However, the process worked fine with Netscape 6.2)
    2. With Internet Explorer:  Left click and you will get a message asking you if you want to open or save.  Click on save.  This process worked with Internet Explorer 6.0
    3. Problems?  If you cannot download a file successfully, send me a message  and I will send it to you as an attachment.

    If you are an instructor and do not have access to Sketchpad 4.0, you may download a demo copy from Key Curriculum Press.
  1. Covering and Surrounding Book or download individual files:
  2. Pythagoras: Map of Euclid
  3. Pantograph
  4. Shapes and Designs Book or download individual files:
  5. Stretching and Shrinking

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